Strategic Counsel and Executive in Public Affairs, Public Policy, Governance and Government Relations.Canuckflack? A username. From 2003 to 2011, a blog. An artifact. A ley line from the early days of the internet. A domain name owned by Colin Mckay since 2003.

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Personal: Sinclair ZX81. Turbo button. Ocean Pacific clothing. Synthesizers. Brutalist Architecture. Window seat. Station Wagons. Long Drives. Hiking. KITH. SCTV. Irony.Professional: Strategic Counsel in Public Affairs. Public policy nerd. Technology Policy. Autonomous Vehicles. Generative Artificial Intelligence .Government Relations. Communicator. Public Speaker. Not for Profit Board Member. Googler / Xoogler. Former Privacy Regulator.

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A public policy executive with 25 years experience setting and implementing public affairs strategies focused on complex technology, economic and social policy issues.Led government and regulatory engagement campaigns - including issues management and advocacy planning - on internet policy issues as varied as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, privacy, data governance, cybersecurity, digital services trade and physical network infrastructure.An extensive record building relationships with senior elected and government leaders.Leadership on not for profit boards including: MediaSmarts; TechNation; Missing Children's Society; Canadian Chamber of Commerce; and the Institute on Governance.Experienced analyst and speaker on the development and adoption of new technologies, especially their impact on individuals, communities, organizations and businesses.

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