In the heart of darkness

Lately, I’ve been digging through books, articles and podcasts that examine the places, patterns and pulse of the neighbourhood, measuring the impact of architecture, street design, geography and the history of urban development upon social and economic behaviour. It’s this dabbling that led me to open a speech last week with a discussion of the […]

When creatives work for good

What if pervasive media was used to amuse and intrigue you, rather than single you out as a unknowing target of advertising and persuasive messaging? “… In contrast to a Minority Report future of aggressive messages competing for a conspicuously finite attention, these sketches show a landscape of ignorable surfaces capitalising on their context, timing […]

Your luggage cart is deeply unimpressive

Design is becoming the differentiator in the highly competitive hotel market. That and giant fat-assed breakfast buffets. Really. I have never seen so many different ways of presenting carbohydrates in one place at one time. Make your own waffles. Morning Glory muffins. Chocolate chip bagels. Oatmeal cookies. Rolled Oats. Fruit Loops knock-off cereal. Oh, and […]

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