Location – tell me my current obsession

Lately, I’ve been zoning in on books that discuss location – whether through wayfinding, past experience in urban and wild settings, the development of innate navigational skills, or novel treatements of life in particular locations. Here’s a sampling from my recent bookshelf: Where am I? – Colin Ellard ” … Two things seem to be […]

Failed in the most beautiful way

“They were decent,” he said. “They were strong. And they failed in the most beautiful way you can imagine.” – Reinhold Messner, the famed mountain climber, praising the members of a doomed 1953 trek to climb K-2. Charles S. Houston, one of the members of that expedition, passed away this week. (NY Times)

Mmmm …. hamhocks

Maybe I’ve been eating a little too much southern food lately. I could swear this bill board for Labatt’s Blue said ‘hamhocks.’

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