His dance music will kick your dance music’s ass

Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk revisited London in the early summer, and found it wanting. “…Politely mortified by the soft, hands-in-the-air atmosphere of the first few clubs we visited, he wondered ruefully what had become of the “hooligan energy level” of London. We finally found some for him at a club called Rage. “You know!” he […]

Smooth Silky Bacon Hot Dog

Our obsession with wrapping things in bacon is long standing, and has certainly peaked with the arrival of bacon-only blogs and bacon memes. John T. Edge (whose writing on Southern food is fantastic and mouth-watering) examined the origin and popularity of Mexican-style hot dogs in the NYT last week. “… By 1953, Oscar Mayer was […]

Storage units: A moment in transition

One observation about storage units: they can appear anywhere. Alongside rail yards, behind motels, cleverly disguised as yet another building in a suburban office park, wedged in the strangest shaped lots. This Sunday’s NYT Magazine discusses the link between self-storage units and the culture of consumption. ” … The truth is, there is no typical […]

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