Orwell on Consumer Culture

” … It used to interest me to see the brutal cynicism with which Christian sentiment is exploited. The touts from the Christmas card firms used to come around with their catalogues as early as June. A phrase from one of their invoices sticks in my memory. It was: ‘2 doz. Infant Jesus with rabbits.” […]

More shaggin wagons than you can shake a stick at

1977. Wing collars. Rayon shirts. Dozens of  Cargo vans with outrageous panel art. Handlebar mustaches and fat rural cops. These two video clips from promise you all this … and more! Supervan, the story of a plucky Dodge and her owner, converted to crime-fighting superheroes despite the objections of his traditionally-minded dad.

Colin McKay: Gov Web 2.0 Communications Pioneer

Reposted from John Cass’ PR Communications, and one in a series of reminisces about Global PR Blog week, which was published five years ago this week. Colin McKay was an early Canadian pioneer in blogging and social media, but also in the Government use of social media. In my continuing series of interviews with Alumni […]

the country pop crossover chit chat

Ah. The country/pop combo. I forgot how much I missed the forced bonhomie and idle chatter that usually opened the videos for these early 80s crossover hits. Here’s uncomfortably aged Kenny Rogers weavin’ the sweet sweet talk with Sheena Easton.

Knitting sucks and other thoughts about activism

Billy Bragg on the death of Steven Wells, poet, activist and erstwhile music critic, who died last month. ” … If there is anyone out there who wishes to take up his mantle, they’ll need more than just a snarky sense of humour and a potty mouth. The comment sections of every website are full […]

Belinda Carlisle has my head – maybe

I think I’ve narrowed down a new hairstyle – to that of any of the 1984-era GoGos. At the moment, I HAVE the Jane Wiedlin, and if it goes any longer it’ll be a Charlotte Caffey (keyboards – I had to look it up). I figure I could go for the longer Kathy Valentine (bass), […]

Forget grinding it out – just drown them out

How have the tough slogging mechanics of political campaigns turned into the petty victories of follower counts and poor graphic design? ” … As Newsom returned to his S.U.V., Ballard made sure to tell me how many Twitterers would already be able to see photos of the mayor on the backhoe. He derided Jerry Brown’s […]

the threads that link you and The Economist

You could say the wire walker in this short film has intense short term focus, but is easily distracted by new opportunities. You could say that he is agile enough to react to changing situations, but acutely aware of the many competing interests around him. If you’ve met me, or know my job, you could […]

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