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The hardships and amusements of travel

Anne Engright, tired from months of book tours, provides some wry observations on international travel: ” … And this perhaps needs to be said: the amazing thing about hotels is that nothing happens in them. Lights get left on, taps drip, trays are left in hallways, and the cleaners make their sad rounds every morning. […]

Why Endicott NY is Interesting

Earlier this week, I had a chance to walk through an exhibit of art commissioned under the Public Works of Art program – a 1934 initiative meant to get artists to work during the Great Depression. One painting, Underpass — New York, was especially compelling. A rather routine urban setting, with clear and precise composition, […]

Retail casualties of the Recession

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve had an offhand awareness of the seeming abundance of ketchup, relish, flavoured water, detergent, cleansing auto fuel and Moleskine notebooks. But I HAD NO IDEA of the true plague of brand extensions and varietals that had been conjured up by test labs, anonymized focus group meetings, data-fuelled marketing meetings […]

TXT Island – an experimental film

TXT Island is a short stop-action film from Chris Gavin. Watch it.

Wonder Woman Debra Winger Remix

Wonder Woman. Bill Maxwell. Wonder Girl. Who even remembers that Debra Winger was Wonder Girl? What was that about Bill Maxwell? That’s right. This is a remix with “Greatest American Hero.” The moment when Wonder Woman deflects bullets with her wrist bands? Almost as priceless as Linda and Debra flying around in a plastic jet […]

Markets in everything Dora edition

Sometimes, you just have to teach these kids that life is a hard, brutal and sometimes heartless world, where even your Dora the Explorer bike could get stolen.

Here is my lifestream

When Twitter is down

When Twitter is down … I don’t care about conferences I never thought about attending and really considered too expensive think about what I AM going to MAKE for dinner stop fondling my mobile like its some goddamn magic talkie box about to deliver the word of God, Warren Buffet, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Jobs, or […]

Unsung victims of recession

“Weekly haul: It’s dead now. My paycheck used to be $500 to $550 a week, but now it’s like $280 to $300. It’s all by commission and started to go down a year and a half ago. We never go to Wall Street now. It’s all basically the fashion industry. We risk our lives for […]

Banksy takes over a museum

Dammit. I would really like to be in Bristol right now, to see the tremendous Banksy exhibition at the Bristol Museum. Here’s the BBC’s breathless reporting on the transformation of the museum, and here is the Banksy promotional video:

Data center jokes

“… In reality, the cloud is giant buildings full of computers and diesel generators,” [former Microsoft data center manager Michael] Manos says. “There’s not really anything white or fluffy about it.” – in NYT’s “Data Center Overload” “I, for one, welcome our new Data Center Overload” – comment on Slashdot

when is men’s fashion NOT about samurais

” … His semiannual shows are not wildly produced fantasies of tomorrowland or yesteryear that send the fashion press into raptures. At his informal runway presentations, the clothes just look … good. You don’t think: Yes, it really is all about the 19th-century samurai right now. You think: I want those pants …” – New […]

Signs and fonts in nature museums

While most of Washington’s National Museum of Natural History has been renovated in the near past, it’s obvious that the reptile exhibits haven’t been touched in decades – which made this classic raised sans serif type a wonderful find. Meanwhile, at the Canadian National Museum of Nature in Ottawa … rabbits and their poop.

Some words from Colin McKay on Government 2.0

Now you can judge for yourself – do I need to get a haircut, or just let it go more wild? Janice Cunnigham and Asha Jhamandas came over to pre-record a short interview for “Lasso the power of wild wikis and bronco blogs” – a session they presented at the annual Editors’ Association of Canada […]

Markets in Everything – TexMex Wine for the French edition

” … From the shelf, he pulled down a carafe of California Winery, a brand with a palm tree and a Mission bell tower on the label. (He sells a million bottles of it a year to Tex-Mex restaurants in France). …” – just one revealing snippet from a profile of Fred Franzia, the Napa […]

Now THIS is how Swine Flu profits from Social Media

Baratunde Thurston explains how he used social media to spread the word and influence of the swine flu.

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