why not try Brand WE

Hey social media douche. Stop worrying about monetizing things and building brand awareness. Your life shouldn’t be measured by the comments you plant and your own mainstream media mentions. Give up on Brand Me and try a little Brand We. ”  … contestational designers challenge the way that design is positioned relative to the broader […]

He jumped WHAT how?

I’m working on something really good. But until THAT’s finished – here’s Travis Pastrana doing a tricycle backflip. There was a period in my youth when a tricycle backflip would have been THE defining moment of my life.

What about Hart to Hart

This is an easy way to characterize my teenage years, as viewed through the 8pm television slot from 1978 to 1986: Sixeyes blog: Miami Vice or Starsky and Hutch? The National’s Matt Berninger: Simon and Simon.

a cheeseburger of shame

” … A fast-food cheeseburger is like a drunken assignation with a stranger met at a wedding reception: momentarily delectable but often leading to shame, nausea, and possibly even health issues …” – The Boston Phoenix discusses a flat patty available at a mini-mall food court near Harvard Square.

So over lasers and Olympic torches

“The first time the lighting of the Olympic torch used advanced technology was during the 1976 Olympics. From Athens, the flame’s energy was transformed into an electric signal and then transmitted to Ottawa by satellite. It was then restored using a laser ray. And it only took a second!” – plaque in the lobby of […]

THIS is what television was made for

Korla Pandit, that is. An accomplished organ player who assumed a mystic identity and mesmerized thousands while rounding out the broadcast schedule of fledgling television station KTLA in Los Angeles. He just sat there, staring and playing smooth licks on his Hammond organ. You can find a fairly impartial account of his career at the […]

You had me at meat

I’ve got five national grocery chains – with massive square footage – within a two kilometre radius in my suburban neighbourhood. And I have some overwhelming and unexplained fascination with store planograms, integrated marketing campaigns and promotional programs. We must be coming on BBQ season, because the meat promos are being served up across all […]

Bill Cosby Sweater and Reebok Pumps

” … ’cause I still don’t know how to deflate my Dunks”

Two Tone design you can wear

Twenty-six years ago, there were some fairly clear-cut fashion choices to be made by the average high school student. Preppie, rocker, punk, townie, slob, nerd, idiosyncratic yet creative soul, mod, skinhead, loner, doper, music obsessive, new romantic, dealer, kid from the backwoods of Northern Ontario, artist and normal tormented teenager. You could find some Euro […]

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