Without advertising the world would shine

Without advertising, Tori Spelling would live in Encino Detroit would have been forced to evolve or die scumbag mortgage agents couldn’t have sold ARMs to old ladies and the unemployed Jerry Seinfeld’s shelves would have been full of Cream of Wheat the Pope would be the most important man in the world famine relief would […]

Mickey Rouke really is on an upswing

Wow. It may be the shot selection from the  French television crew, but it sure looks like Mickey Rourke thinks he might just go ahead and hit on Lily Allen.

Bacon in the bathroom

From the Society for Environmental Graphic Design blog … the best machine in the world.

Batman’s new lawn tractor

Adam West, the original Batman, likes living in Ketchum, Idaho: “… “I hike, and I ski, and I fish, and I work around a lot at our place up here. I love my tractor. I drive my tractor to town on the bike path, and nobody likes it. Late at night, down to the casino […]

What about KFC and your life

” … Less than a year ago this friend of mine was in line at a KFC on East 14th Street, and at the front was this skinny little guy who ordered three 20-piece buckets of Original Recipe. So the woman at the counter rings him up, and says, straight-faced, “Is that for here or […]

My choices are green, just not my life

“… remodelers who specialize in eco-friendly projects say many homeowners still tend to focus on green stuff rather than green performance. It’s easier to imagine friends being impressed by the virtue of your recycled-glass bathroom tiles than by properly sealed air-conditioning ducts, even though more systemic projects have “orders of magnitude” more impact, says Paul […]

Parking Fail

Spotted on a late night walk. Chalked out on the driveway are the words “STOP STOP (FAIL)” and a chalk body is sketched out on the sidewalk. EDIT: I seem to have missed a nuance there:the second word is actually spelt “SOTP” – which makes the (FAIL) grammatically appropriate. And is probably a sign that […]

Bell employees get man purse

That’s right. It’s a murse. A man purse I found fetching. It reminded me of a similar bag from Mountain Equipment Co-op – one that I used to carry until I began hauling around dockets and other oversized papers. In this application, the new Bell Canada logo makes sense – both in application as a […]

You have a case of premature conservatism

” … intoned the Hillsdale professor, the kind of stiffly formal young man whose cheeks are simply waiting to become jowls … “ -Charles Homans writes in the Washington Monthly about Culture11, a now-shuttered online attempt to broaden the conservative voice in the U.S.

I Deny You the Option You Selected

“The Option You Selected Is Not Available” Yeah. That’s right. The option I would like to select, as soon as my call is thrown into your damnable IVR phone system, isn’t available. At least not until you make me listen to four other options – in English AND French! Why? Because that organization – usually […]

State Sanctioned Graffiti

This is the awning over the front entrance to the new Syrian Embassy in Ottawa. They took possession of a stately old home that, until recently, had been a spa and B&B. While I could hope that this rough and ready flag treatment is an indication of an interior design scheme that emphasizes self-expression and […]

like he got phone book implants

Oh sweetness. I WANT to dislike the latest CP&B ad produced for Burger King, but I can’t! Here’s a full length video for the remake of “Baby Got Back,” this time featuring the Burger King and … Spongebob Squarepants.

Talk about inspiring product loyalty

“All I know is if my pupusas aren’t back this year, I’m going to have to cut a bitch.” By poshspice on 04/14/2009 at 2:56 pm Comment on a New York Magazine blog post about the food vendors at the Brooklyn Flea Market.

On the matter of teabagging

You HAVE watch this until the end – the close is fantastic!

Reich painter of what?

Despite the heroic example of Claus von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators, a new history by Fabrice d’Almeida tells us that the German nobility generally supported the Nazi regime – in part due to a concerted effort by Nazi leaders to coddle them. ” … Hitler was constantly giving presents: vases, tea sets, sweets, lamps, books, […]

The economics of Shopsin’s restaurant

“The economic rhythm of this place is that I run fifteen meals a week,” he used to say before Shopsin’s offered Sunday brunch. “If I do any five of them big, I break even; if I do ten of them big, I’ll make money. I’ll make a lot of money. But if I do fifteen […]

Life is tough in Palm Beach

“They won’t deny themselves the top top,” Mr. Neff says. “I used to say, ‘I know you have eight blue blazers but look at this blue blazer. It’s an upgrade.’ And any upgrade, they’d buy. This year, they don’t want to seem foolish. Eight blue blazers is enough.” – NYTimes

Charlie Sheen Shirts

That’s right. Charlie Sheen shirts. My mind spun when I saw that. Turns out the Bimini bikini store is selling guayabera shirts like the one Sheen wears on “Two and A Half Men.” Speaking of which: am I the only one that thinks Sheen’s legs are unnaturally skinny?

Pretty good week for Gov2.0 here

Let’s run through this week’s checklist, shall we? launch new project site twitter promotion twitter buzz a fair number of diggs stakeholder reaction media coverage a slashdot thread that doesn’t flame Now, what did I “forget” to do? Media advisory, cold calls, news release or “technical briefing.” Oh, and I launched the site on a […]

My new site and synergies of my job

My day job involves a very interesting balance between two distinct functions: research and public education. To many working in the public sector, there is a very clear line dividing these two roles. In research, the organization attempts to examine an issue of some importance, identify options that may want to be explored by the […]

Little Red Riding Hood Deconstructed

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo. More from Thomas Nilsson.

Pretty font interesting subject well sold

Starting tomorrow at canteen, a gallery RIGHT HERE IN OTTAWA! “Awesome Ridiculousness” indeed.

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