The people on your online engagement team

Steph Gray has produced a crystal clear and well designed document that clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities of each member of an online engagement team. Describing roles within digital engagement View more presentations from Steph Gray. (tags: digital engagement social media)

The hope left when a retail icon disappears

Two positive takes on the demise of British retailing icon Woolworths: a BBC Radio 4 podcast following the fortunes of former Woolies employees in Scotland looking for new jobs; and the story of a former Woolies manager in Dorset who is re-opening her store as a “Wellworths” – and hiring back many of her former […]

Recession data point eleventy hundred

“… The number of containers being shipped from Hong Kong’s ports to other areas of the world fell by 23.2pc in January compared to the previous year, highlighting just how the global slowdown is affecting exports from Asia. Local experts estimate that some 390 unused container ships are currently anchored mid-water or in harbours around […]

How ads are like unpleasant amateur movies

“… Neither porn studios nor ad agencies can afford to be compla­cent. Their domi­nance has been undermined by the diffusion of DIY techno­logy. In advertising we call this phenomenon ‘user-created content’, in porn they just call it ‘amateur porn’. This is especially important for two industries so funda­mentally concerned with truth. In this age when […]

Another slap at print media

Randall Roberts comments on the vibe felt throughout the print media room at the Grammys: ” … A dying industry covering another dying industry, like a bunch of telegraph operators sending missives about a carburetor convention …” (LA Weekly)

On the quirks of cartography

” … The colour palette used by world maps evokes that same simple universe glimpsed in old Ladybird books. What disorder can there be in a world with countries of Germolene pink, Caramac tan and Parma Violet mauve? … … Online route-finders and satnav systems offer strangely tunnelled perspectives on the world, giving information only […]

He invented News Graphics

” … Until the [first] war with Iraq, television technology was all about transmission,” says Blank. “The graphic designers were always just the decoration, now we are part of the editorial process … … I had to sell graphics to them. I had to go around to the programs and get them to use a […]

The Babysitting Bullpen

“… In other news: our babysitter has a boyfriend, and thus a Valentine’s date; happily, however, she’s a triplet, and was willing to lend us a sister for childcare …” – Cover Lay Down plans for Valentine’s Day.

Aspirational Branding Hits A Wall

” … Along the way, New Yorkers appear to have reassessed what they value. One of the hallmarks of the boom was the triumph of “aspirational” branding:  … Flush with cash (or easy credit), consumers bought the proposition that the brand itself—the status it conferred—was worth a 300 percent markup. Not any more. Not only […]

Don’t be part of the herd

“It sounds like you had a moment when you realized that humans approach the world with a pattern of thinking and behavior and you wanted to know how to shock us out of that behavior. Is this the root of your Think Wrong process? Yes, there was definitely a lightbulb and it came from a […]

Ernesto con queso

” … The staff is put through a rigorous Borgnine School upon hiring …” Ernest Borgnine is a good sport about a West Village taco bar’s obsession with him.

Creativity in 2.0: Slow Boat to China

” … We’re not all in the position to spend three weeks floating across the ocean on our own industrial versions of Walden Pond, but I think these types of retreats are only going to get more appealing. And while we might not be able to change our minds’ ability to deal with an overwhelming […]

Brutal Lessons in Car Sales

A 35% drop in auto sales. That was January in Canada. I can understand why it was a tough month, and why the future doesn’t seem to be improving for North American auto manufacturers. I happen to be in the market for a car, and I’ve spent quite a few hours around car dealerships in […]

I think Macy’s is trying to put the moves on me!

“The mall is the stalwart spouse that hasn’t learned any new moves in a decade.” (New York Times, “Our Love Affair With Malls Is On The Rocks“)

Twitter Turn Ons

I swear, these two tweets appeared in this exact order.

Paco Underhill ownz the mall

Two comments about Paco Underhill: – he totally OWNS the niche of explaining why we seem like disturbed toddlers and frightened rabbits when out shopping, and: – he has WICKED media skills considering that he seems to be afflicted with a strong stutter. You should wish you could pull off a performance this polished and […]

The inconvenient always seems better with age

I have fond memories of frantically waving Polaroids to help speed the exposure process.  I also have fond memories of the oblong telephone table (with built in seat) and ceramic dial phone that used to sit in my grandparents’ front hallway. I would not want either of those technologies to dominate my life today. “… […]

How to make your own luck

“It’s actually quite simple, assuming you have a burr grinder, pressure cooker, and a storage shed.  (You *do not* want to make your own luck inside the house; the fumes smell a lot like durian fruit.) Admittedly, however, pureeing the leprechauns is not for the faint of heart.” Mat Honan, commenting on a Merlin Mann […]

The Right Spot for a restaurant?

If that’s such a good spot for a restaurant, why do you need take out?

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