It’s like the old days, but with internet

Very strange. Earlier this week, I printed out “The Cobra: Inside a movie marketer’s playbook,” an article by Tad Friend in the January 19 New Yorker. Today, I went back to find a reference, intending to post it here. In the interim, the article seems to have lost about 1000 words. Including these: ” … […]

How to keep a bus from falling off a cliff

How do you keep a bus full of gold from falling off a cliff, and taking you with it? That was the physics problem presented at the end of the original Italian Job. (The one with Michael Caine, not Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch). What are the ingredients here? Michael Caine, a caper movie, […]

Monkey Metrics

The Santa Ana city zoo has a problem. It was built on land donated by a city founder, on the condition the zoo have 50 monkeys on site at all times. Problem is, sometimes monkeys slip off this mortal coil. This from the Los Angeles Times: ” … “You can’t just go to Monkeys-R-Us or […]

Social media and Contemporary Art: Comparable?

Sometimes, inspiration arrives from the strangest tangents. Social media advocates are spinning and flaying nowadays. At a time when traditional media is cutting back on resources, corporations are demanding that any and all marketing tactics demonstrate solid and measurable performance. Social media advocates are scrambling to adjust to a new era of accountability – and […]

Banksy’s performance chicken nuggets

NOTCOT: Banksy’s Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill from Jean Aw on Vimeo.

Social media impulses vs. eConsultation control

Remember I said I was working on a couple of papers? Here’s one of them. I think you can recognize my themes, writing style and opinions – although they usually aren’t edited for publication. “… In this comment, I argue that there is a growing role or the ordinary citizen — whether acting individually or […]

Your Facebook friends are worth 37 cents

Burger King will give you a coupon for a free Whopper if you drop 10 Facebook Friends. … “It’s a good excuse to get rid of old girlfriends and their families on my account and get a Whopper out of it,” [Willie Vanderheyden, 31, a graduate student in Missouri] said in a phone interview. “There […]

Unfortunate choice of analogy

” … “It’s important to show all these other chefs that military chefs can really shake and bake,” said Army Chief Warrant Officer4 Robert Sparks, the team’s manager and a veteran of four previous Culinary Olympics. …”(Atlantic Magazine) From a note about the IKA/Culinary Olympics, where military chefs from nine countries prepared gourmet meals from […]

Humour, genetics and innovation

Those wacky geneticists. Sitting in their labs all day using million dollar computers, ultra high power microscopes and all sort of CSI-like technology to mess with the sanctity of life … When they eventually arrive at an innovative finding, geneticists sometimes let their sense of humour slip into their naming conventions. Take this extract from […]

Really, can sheep swim?

Spotted this at a swim meet this morning. Janie h. knits, a local knitting store, has bought advertising on the wall of the Perth community pool. Unlike every other local business (of which there are a dozen or more) alongside it, Janie h. has customized her ad for its location: That’s right. It’s a smiling […]

Well, I’m only Amish at home

” … Many Amish have dealt with the collision of modern business technology and old world values by keeping their home and work lives completely separate. Though they still drive horses and buggies, remain off the power grid and wear simple, handmade clothing, some are using computers and power tools and talking on cellphones at […]

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