Bad song, weird 80s inspired video

That would be “Cowboy,” from the Blastoids (MySpace). Liberal use of old wrestling footage, perfectly clean yet strangely erotic clips from “Twenty Minute Workout” alongside the wholesome “You Can’t Do That On Television” – the Ottawa-based home of the green slime head dump. Oh, and a little too much footage of roller blading douche bags.

On the French fondness for big personalities

On the occasion of Claude Levi-Strauss’ 100th birthday, a quote about the great anthropologist: “Roger-Pol Droit, a philosopher who read from “Tristes Tropiques,” said that he “would have loved a text from Lévi-Strauss today saying, ‘I hate birthdays and commemorations,’ just as he began ‘Tristes Tropiques’ saying, ‘I hate traveling and explorers.’ “ “This is all […]

Oooh. Water’s just gettin good!

“Traded! What about my no trade clause??”

Something’s gnawing away at me

A lovely brass sculpture from Bruno Catalano, found at the Demedicis Gallery on Place des Voges.

Functional use versus tourist charm

There’s some construction underway at the Eiffel Tower- work that apparently requires a three story stack of construction office modules. Some forethought in placement and decoration mean that the heritage feel and tourist charm isn’t harmed – very much.

Street cred really demands brass balls

Spotted between the Place des Voges and Place de la Bastille – Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, the composer of the Barber of Seville and, judging from his pose, the original gangster.

Adaptive design for bad drivers

Spotted in the 16ieme arrondissement – a design adaptation meant to protect this car from the close parking and bad driving of fellow Parisians. That’s a mint Mini. Tied to the back bumper? Two hard plastic bumpers normally found hanging off the gunwales of small boats.

Changing priorities or evolving interests

Now that winter’s back

The original Contac C television ad. I have to admit, I always hoped that once, just once, the bus would jump the curb and hit Mr. “Oh Yes I DO”

Graphic: Election Night Coverage

Wolf Blitzer’s infographic p0rn

Ohhh. Woolfie. Forget John King’s 60 inch touch screen with county by county demographic breakdowns. You have that wall of infograph heaven. You’ve come so far from that little book-filled cubby hole, back when you were the correspondent on the Department of Defense beat. What is it like to work in the chyron and graphics […]

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