The Ignorance of Crowds

Today on Definitely Not The Opera, Sook Yin Lee opened the show by looking at activities we choose to undertake as a member of a crowd. Many of the examples were foolish, embarrassing or relied on being swept in a tide of emotion and amity. To be blunt, I’m more sympathetic to the reticence Sook […]

Metrics for Enterprise Social Media

Once you get past all the fuzzy wuzzy about knowledge sharing, community building and increased opportunity to work on projects that challenge and inspire you, there is one certainty about the implementation of 2.0 applications in an enterprise environment: METRICS. ” … So one approach would be to graph where everyone stands within the organization […]

That ice cream truck carries gas masks

The anarchist ice cream truck, equipped by the Center for Tactical Magic. Now making its rounds in New York, it is equipped to supply activists in case of confrontation with security forces. ” … The ice cream inventory is limited, because cabinets are used to store rolls of film for documenting police action, Ibuprofen for […]

Cheezburger explained

Make Users Happy For 5 Minutes A Day Ben Huh from I Can Has Cheezburger discusses the site’s growth and popularity – from Web 2.0 Expo NY h/t to Dino

A legacy of oppression and denial

Know what the best part of the “I Am A PC” ad is? “I am a PC, and I SELL FISHH!” As Faris points out, this ad tries to reframe our collective perception of Microsoft as a company and as a tool manufacturer – highlighting its prevalence and utility around the world. Nevertheless, it still […]

Glengarry Glen Ross set to house music

In recognition of Alec Baldwin’s Emmy for 30 Rock I’ll just point you to well put-together podcast, heavy on house music and soundbites from Glengarry Glen Ross – “Always be Closing – 40 minutes of house and abuse, hosted by Alec Baldwin“ – over on If you want to read about Baldwin’s stormy, tempestuous, […]

Ants under your feet

I can enjoy a recent note on the work of Marko Pecarevic, a Croatian biologist who just finished up a Master’s at Columbia, for a number of reasons: he thought up an interesting thesis subject that dug into intensive behaviour that occurred daily right in front of millions of oblivious humans; he made up a […]

My life is dominated by my teenage years

I spent the last three days at a resort in the Muskokas, wedged right alongside the majestic Algonquin Park. There is nothing more relaxing than a crisp and clear early autumn morning, sitting on a deck perched on an outcrop of the giant Canadian Shield, looking over a lightly misted bay framed by a ridge […]

Palin’s overlapping orbits

I love this description. “… the governor, Sarah Palin, became the human cannonball of the Presidential campaign and blasted into overlapping orbits of political and tabloid super-celebrity …” (New Yorker)

Social media and 16th century pickpockets

Plus ca change, baby. Five hundred and sixteen years ago, respectable intellectuals were worried, nay, overwrought, that fantastic new technologies were giving any loudmouth and troublemaker the opportunity to speak to larger and larger audiences with fewer and fewer filters. “… every grosse braind Idiot is suffered to come into print’, and ‘every scandalous tongue […]

Where a clown is rendered in shadows and on stage

Voila, people. My presentation from today at the ALI Social Media for Government conference.  Since I try to follow the 10/20/30 rule, you will not be able to use this presentation as a moving backdrop to your spoken word denunciation of the egos and self-importance of “social media gurus.” I’ll let you in on a […]

May I Suggest Some New Facebook Categories

I might disagree with you on graffiti

I saw a brand new van driving down a nearby thoroughfare* today, freshly painted and wrapped with graphics for a local graffiti removal firm.** This is Ottawa. We do not have a quantifiable graffiti problem, no matter what resident associations, politicians or the police would argue.*** Not to sound too Marxist, but the creation of […]

The generalist that looks for focus

Being a generalist doesn’t mean you shy away from being an expert in one particular subject. It means that you remain open to the possibility that other subjects, items, disciplines or theories may have value for you, your customer and their product. From Steve Portigal‘s Living in the Overlap, his latest column for interactions magazine. […]

I Am A Capable Strategist and Thoughtful Person

Let me begin by drawing an analogy: this will prove you and I have a common cultural frame of reference that allows me to effectively explain a contemporary but minor development in the evolution of social media in a manner that you will understand and find appealing. This cultural frame usually revolves around one of […]

Fred Perry Brand Tingling at U.S. Open Possibilities

With his defeat of Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray has the potential to be the first male tennis player from the United Kingdom to win a Grand Slam event since Fred Perry won Wimbledon in 1936 – which is opportune, since Murray is sponsored by the Fred Perry brand. As a global consumer brand, Fred Perry […]

Co-creating ringtones – with cowbells

I’ve got a new ringtone that doesn’t fail to bring confusion and smiles to the people around me, thanks to the guys at You Look Nice Today. Just over a month ago, in a podcast, they slipped in a short little sound bite that essentially went like this: Boop Boop Boop Be-Doop Be-Doop Boop On […]

Mann: revaluing your time and attention

Some presentation goodness from Merlin Mann, with insight, good design and humour: Who Moved My Brain? Revaluing Time and Attention View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: gtd time)

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