A truly horrible corporate video

Mercedes Benz may produce marvelous vehicles, but their internal corporate videos are really quite horrible. Someone, somewhere, said “This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!”

A book wrapper for guidance

A workable solution to information overload, or simply insane? Information Aesthetics tells us about a novel approach to categorizing and classifying books in a large collection, based on a very imaginative book sleeve and an index based on a gradient of colours. As a person who is genetically predisposed to wander in the stacks of […]

Man, that song sucks. And they think so too

Imagine yourself driving along, singing along to some horrific AC song like: El DeBarge’s “Who’s Johnny” “Electric Youth” by Debbie Gibson “Ears of Tin” by Jethro Tull “She’s Gone” by Hall and Oates Have you ever turned, at that very moment, and realized that one if not more people are staring at you? Well, behold […]

Not as much fun as the promise

I took this picture because I thought the sign was funny: then I noticed the extreme contrast between the marketing promise and the industrial waste lying around it. The adult toy store, obviously, is undergoing renovation. But some of that industrial detritus isn’t related to the construction.

Is a Bad Blog Better than No Blog?

Let’s assume you work for a government body that is deeply involved in highly contentious issues – issues that are very interesting (and frustrating) to communities both online and offline. Let’s also assume that your organization has very little chance of changing the fundamental policies and procedures that frame these issues in the public’s eyes. […]

Some quickies from the preoccupied

Want to see how the New York Times designed the GUI for their new iPhone app – in about 200 words? Felix Sockwell sheds some light. Slinkachu is the artist behind Little People – A Tiny Street Art Project that poses miniature people, furniture, vehicles and features in real-life streetscapes. He also prepared a piece […]

For your next team building exercise

You’ve been there. You’ve got a small budget but you want big impact for your next team building exercise. You need a motivational speaker that will make a big impression and possibly knock their socks off. Well, do I have a deal for you. “… King Kong Bundy, the 400-pound behemoth known for once breaking […]

Your feel good moment of the week

The latest ad from Discovery Networks: the world is awesome. h/t @ryananderson

Faith-based user generated content

Daycare facilities for 5000 – children, that is. 350 employees. Grammy Award winners in the choir. That’s how Joel Osteen draws tens of thousands to the converted Compaq Center for his weekly sermons. But the key is heartfelt customer commitment to the product. ” … [Joel Osteen] believes, resolutely, in the value of the product […]

Your dream wordle

The top half of the graphic illustrates the terms we think form the most important components of our online activity: twitter, plurk, facebook, IM, blogging, youtube … you know. The bottom half of the graphic? What we actually talk about.[tags] plurk, twitter, wordle, word cloud, info tag [/tags]

A little more ‘Tap

That’s SoundGarden covering Tap’s Big Bottoms.

Mid-week mental wash

The tribe of underground surreptitious train sketchers. There may be a quick but quality portrait of you sitting in someone’s portfolio. (Los Angeles Times) How the Sonic Guys ad campaign came to life. (Kansas City Pitch) “… To make the point that Sonic doesn’t nuke its hamburgers in microwaves, T.J. and Pete asked a competitor’s […]

Lessons from Nadal’s Win At Wimbledon

Forget about stoic pride. Forget about demure recognition. When you hit a defining moment in your life, you should celebrate with energy, with passion and with a demonstrable air of excitement. That’s what Rafael Nadal did last night, climbing up into the stands to hug his friends and family. He then walked across the top […]

Spinal Tap Teaches You To Set Up a Social Media Agency

Pick An Unusual Name – hyphens, adverbs and acronyms will always make you seem smarter and better qualified. “David St. Hubbins … I must admit I’ve never heard anybody with that name. It’s an unusual name, well, he was an unusual saint, he’s not a very well known saint. What was he the saint of? […]

A Note From the Movie Previews

First off, how what happened to Elizabeth Shue’s career that she has to be “re-introduced” as a cast member in the summer epic “Jesus 2”? Secondly, Kevin Costner’s election movie looks like a feelgood heart charmer. Here”s hoping it has no harpoons, bison or golf. As a third and final point, Eddie Murphy should just […]

Where the recession begins to hit home

Yeah, yeah. High fuel prices. Rising cost of bread. Over priced tomatos. Despite all this, the looming recession hadn’t significantly affected my lifestyle – until now. My Chinese takeout restaurant has switched to a smaller clamshell for its “two items with noodles” special. And dropped one of the two types of hot sauce. That there’s […]

the last word on the Israel – Feldman conflagration

I haven’t had the time or the energy to follow the brouhaha between Loren and Shel, but I really think a comment in Loren’s last post sums up the entire game: “I was knee deep in the puppet game before there was a Web 1.0, bitches, this Feldman fool got nothin on me. Word to […]

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