Reporter takes one – or 15 – for the team

Earlier today, a truck overturned on the Trans-Canada Highway. There was a slight hiccup, though. The truck was carrying 12 million bees used to pollinate crops. The media, of course, showed up in force to cover the story. After all, who’s going to miss a potential swarming death? ” … [RCMP Sargeant Dan] Strong said […]

A slightly rude but really amusing list

… from Popdose: Lists You Didn’t Ask For: Consumer Safety Edition. “… 8. God is a white lie perpetuated through the ages to keep people distracted from the fact that life is long, cruel, and holds no meaning. Also, Mitchum deodorant contains actual chunks of Robert Mitchum.”

Bombarded by messages

What do they say? That the average person is subject to 5000 advertising messages a day? I think I saw 500 of them while I was waiting for my movie to start this afternoon. I remember being impressed by the six or seven previews … but I can’t remember the title of any of those […]

I worry you’re not a deep thinker

… and most of you know you aren’t deep thinkers. Come on, admit it. If you can spin through your feed reader inside of 30 minutes, how little time are you leaving for thoughts to sit, fester and grow? What about variety? Are the details of your work consuming 480 minutes of the day, and […]

My first lesson in media analysis – George Carlin

Never a lesson in media analysis – that’s me. Never a class in evaluating media sources, identifying themes or performing content analysis. My only teacher? George Carlin. Seriously. For a period in the mid-Sixties, George Carlin disguised his growing irritation with mainstream culture with highly effective satire. Social commentary that was still palatable to the […]

All will be revealed with a flick of the wrist

I’m pretty sure that, in the western hemisphere at least, every focus group participant alive is fully aware of being monitored, either by camera or from a neighbouring room. Key to the onsite observation is an adjacent room that offers a donut’s eye view of the focus group and its activities. For some reason, the […]

A curmudgeon’s whisper

You may have noticed a slowing in my posting lately. I’m not very upset by this development, because it means that my work and family life is moving along quite nicely – but don’t take this to mean that I’ve lessened my commitment to blogging and social media. I simply feel like making a blunt […]

Ideas that seemed smart at the time

Airlines, in a desperate attempt to remain profitable, are considering incremental charges and fees for services once considered routine. Like checking your bags before boarding your flight. ” … J. Scott Kirby, president of US Airways, said that passengers would prefer to pay for the features they actually used. Historically, he said, all passengers paid […]

Paul Otlet is the internet founder you never heard of

Paul Otlet. He dreamed of an international network of electronic tools, documents and indexing more than seventy years ago. He dared dream of a network of information linked through symbolic code – at a time when most people could barely figure out a municipal transit schedule. He thought of the hyperlink fifty years before anyone […]

Brand loyalty that leads to smuggling

Hoooo eeeeee! There’s some bootleggin’ going on! The fine folks of Dublin, Texas stil make Dr. Pepper with cane sugar – the only bottler in the United States to continue producing the quirky drink this way. Problem is, their distributions rights are limited to the 40 miles around the plant. We all know what that […]

Brighton Port Authority – from my mouth to your ….

Brighton Port Authority – a new side project by Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook. I’ve loved this guy since the Housemartins and Beats International. Take a look at the video for Toe Jam, one of the first releases and backed by David Byrne and Dizee Rascal. There are a couple of other tracks on the MySpace. [tags] […]

Ice Cream Truck – summertime menace

That’s right – the ice cream truck is a summertime menace. I may have written about ice cream truck music – twice – but the early summer ice cream truck season is causing more grief than delight in the media: do you want a shot of cheap bourbon with that heavenly hash? a lot of […]

To fail, you have to try first

Sure. Garage bands are mocked. Almost everyone has been in a band, humped equipment for a friend’s band, or paid a cover to hear a sh*tty band from your high school. But you really don’t have the right to criticize. Because if you don’t throw your hat in the ring and take some risks, you […]

Steven Colbert faces opposition

Humour, good design and the obligatory Facebook page. What else could you want? As a sarcastic and overly critical internet addict, I appreciate the over the top approach of Colbert Is Dead To Me – a web site that criticizes Stephen Colbert’s recognition as Webby Person of the Year, and challenges you to sign a […]

Social media hierarchy of needs

With apologies to Maslow, the hierarchy of needs for social media aficionados, evangelists, addicts and hangers-on. [tags] SBUX, SXSW, wifi, Apple, Maslow, hierarchy of needs, social media, “a” list [/tags]

Count the cougars in the ad

I count three cougars in this ad: the animal, the 1975 Mercury Cougar, and Farrah Fawcett. Which one were they really trying to sell?

Twitter users are selfish

My first audio file, after five years. A little rant about how Twitter users are like hitchhikers – they jump in for the ride, but then become demanding, rude and overbearing. Enjoy. Download [tags] Twitter, hitch hikers, repo man, doogie howser [/tags]

Coming up with ideas as mad as a badger

This farm grows high efficiency creatives in direct marketing, gaming, design and other specialties, which are then juiced in a hydraulic press and shipped across England to power the creative industry. Video from the South West Creative Growers Association. (which is, of course, a creation of the industry) h/t Noisy Decent Graphics [tags] creative, advertising […]

Wrong-headed spin of the week

The Men’s Dress Furnishing Association, the trade association for American tie manufacturers, is shutting down. Despite quote after quote from industry executives about the decline of the industry, one executive can see sunshine and lollipops through the gloom: “… Lee Terrill, president of [Phillips – Van Heusen]’s neckwear group and an executive member of the […]

How’s this for perspective?

That’s some transit advertising in support of the World Science Festival, which just wrapped up in New York. The hardest thing in the world is to incite interest in science, especially if you’ve only got a couple of seconds as people pass by on the street. More examples of the Festival’s transit advertising can be […]

What a social media news release should look like

You know what the problem with the social media news release is? It’s still an artificial product. It’s still a filter imposed upon an actual event, an actual decision with real impact on people’s work, careers even lives. And it’s a filter imposed by public relations and marketing types. Sorry folks. We’re good at telling […]

One reason why I’m not an academic

While I like reading articles like this, I couldn’t imagine spending the time to research and write it. Reading Our Lips: The History of Lipstick Regulation in Western Seats of Power Keep your eye peeled for the “rate of rouge adoption = rate of industrialization” argument: “…Thus, overall the English lagged far behind their former […]

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