You really need a Conversation Audit

I’m mulling over an idea – a Conversation Audit – that would help companies evaluate whether they need a social media component to their regular marketing and public relations campaign.

The idea behind a Conversation Audit is to actually stop and take stock of the many ways you communicate with audiences, customers, consumers, stakeholders and regulators.

Only at that point will a company be truly equipped to judge whether a social media campaign is important to its needs.

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3 thoughts on “You really need a Conversation Audit

  1. I like this idea Colin, good post. Personally I take it one step further and add in a channel audit to get a grasp on the “where & how” of their current marketing communications to see where things may be breaking down.

  2. Nice post Colin. It would also be nice to include a line asking about how the proposed tactics can be integrated with what the company is already doing.

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