Drunken Debating – Next Monday

It’s the return of Third Tuesday, folks. On Monday, May 5. A minority government brings uncertainty and unpredictability – even to your social calendar. Facing off will be yours truly, Brandan Hodgson, and Ryan Anderson. The point to be debated? “…which social media tools are most useful and which are just code looking for a […]

The political economy of taco trucks

The political economy of taco trucks, as explained by Jonathan Gold: personal skill, quality products not overburdened by design or packaging, effective location scouting, and feature-rich marketing. “…I love mini-malls. I love swap meets. I love tamale carts. I love itinerant fruit vendors. I love old Guatemalan women with hampers full of corn on the […]

A note on Nostalgia

“Nostalgia is a feeling you have for something that never worked, but you think is great anyway.” (Ralph Bakshi, in NYT) [tags] nostalgia, Expos, Jerry Ford, Sinclair, Pacer [/tags]

A career jump or just a transition?

Well, that’s it. I’m no longer professionally obsessed with the ebb and flow of daily news coverage. For the first time in ten years, I do not work in corporate communications. Instead, I am now the Director of Research, Education and Outreach. What does that mean? A startling change in work environment, for one. There […]

Suburban reality distortion field

As my son said to me: “well, you could play tag there.”

V2 Day – how social media is helping roil Italian politics

Today, millions of Italians are encouraging their government to perform a little act of self-love. It’s V2 day. You have to understand, Italian politics is a giant mess. Governed by a parliament split into countless regional, ideological and personal political parties, Italy has been subjected to minority government after minority government. Not that the ruling […]

Galen Weston brings home the white label love

Oh Galen Weston, you scamp. I admit, I was on the fence for a while. When you were appointed Executive Chairman of your dad’s company, I was naturally skeptical. When your photogenic and cherubic mug started showing up in advertising for Loblaws groceries late last year, I questioned the wisdom of the move. After all, […]

Shostakovich was the Pimp Daddy of Hip Hop

That’s right. Dimitri Shostakovich, in 1966, was composing mad beats.

Ray Parker Jr. Makes Me Feel Good

For your Saturday enjoyment, the video for Ghostbusters, notable for two things: – one of the last times that a singer visualized making a telephone call by moving his finger in a circle (2:02), and – a string of b-list artist cameos that provides a built-in “are they dead or alive” drinking game. Irene Cara? […]

Because I’m a little taxed …

I provide you with a link post. An interesting link post, but lacking original analysis nonetheless. I will have more time to be witty and incisive beginning next week. Soweto Gospel Choir sings “Pride in the Name of Love” on Mainstream Isn’t So Bad. If NBA mascots could express their innermost feelings … the animal […]

Another inappropriate, but funny, spec campaign

A spec campaign for the Hummer … what do you call it, an SUV? Calling a Hummer an SUV is like saying a Ford Expedition is a runabout. There’s a townhouse in my neighbourhood, the single woman living there has a Hummer. What sort of message is she trying to send? The folks at Creative […]

Which powerpoint is better?

Oh lord. I go to sleep hoping that some combination of technology and ingenuity will result in a presentation tool that outstrips powerpoint. But that would likely mean a thorough and fundamental failure of the MS Office franchise. But one can hope. I present to you three powerpoints. All delivered recently. One is twelve pages […]

Tasty tidbits of lunacy for a Sunday

Couple of Brits are planning to drive a converted double-decker bus quite a long way. Slideshow and commentary on the Guardian. Choice quote: “eh, not a double decker bus, but we’ve both driven pretty big vehicles before, so we’re not really worried about that.” More in the Sunday feature article. Dolly and Kenny would be […]

Social Media Consultants Play Rope a Dope

The Kaiser’s nailed it with a 21 slide presentation: The Truth about the Age of Conversation. (Slideshare) (full disclosure: I contributed to the first Age of Conversation, and will be writing for the second edition, now in preparation) | View | Upload your own [tags] social media consultants, age of conversation, social media business model […]

Behold! the power of the parachute pants

Miss Teen Canada. The Spoons. Canadian television production values from the 80s.

You, staring at me on the bus

Hi It may appear that I am outrageously distracted. I have a book in my lap, a BlackBerry in my hands, and earbuds up top. That must be why you’re staring at me. Rest assured, I’m using my time productively, and I don’t have some form of attention deficit disorder (at least not clinically diagnosed, […]

British Government Goes Social Media Crazy

I think the statement from 10 Downing Street says it all: “…Gordon Brown will visit the US next week, his second trip to the country as Prime Minister. The Downing Street website will run a live microsite including images, rolling updates and a Twitter feed throughout the PM’s stay from 16 – 19 April. Log […]

Neighborhood Marketing Strategy from Sesame Street

In a puffy little piece, USA Today points out that quite a few international consumer chains are emphasizing their links to your local neighbourhood (neighborhood for you Americans): – Tesco’s Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets – Applebee’s – Kelsey’s damnable appropriation of the Cheers theme song* – Lowe’s – still a neighborhood store It may […]

Career paths you never thought of

Ever catch yourself looking at a courtroom sketch, either in the paper or on television, and wondering “that’s great work, but how much demand is there for a courthouse sketch artist?” Ironic Sans provides an overview of the work of seven artists – inside the court and out. Did you know that one courtroom sketch […]

Klosterman, orange safety pants and hipsters

Chuck Klosterman at a reading of his new novel: “…So, how do nerdy guys get chicks? “Well,” Chuck said, “it’s like this. You used to be able to tell the difference between hipsters and homeless people. Now, it’s between hipsters and retards. I mean, either that guy in the corner in orange safety pants holding […]

Social networking research uses UGC tools

Ofcom, the British media regulator, has just released hundreds of pages of qualitative and quantitative research into participation in social networks. There’s the predictable division of social network members into cute little persona or caricatures, and then there’s a much more detailed breakdown of the impulses, activities and omissions of people participating in social networks. […]

What makes you awesome?

Are your ideas inspirational? Can you challenge others to believe in the impossible? Are you a social butterfly, capable of building links between cool tools and others who are crazy, funny, idealistic, iconoclastic or poetic? h/t to exitcreative [tags] inspiration, Michael Bay, imagination, creativity [/tags]

The four rules of blog content

There are four rules that dominate the quantity and quality of your blog content: 1: when in a rut, drive readership and SEO love by creating a numbered list; 2: the more disappointing your actual paying job, the more you will write and post. This does not mean your blog will be any better – […]

Night Shift at McDonald’s: A Bad Start

First off, a geography lesson. The McDonald’s near my house has a giant two story play area. Big enough that the party room is in a second floor loft, hanging over the play area. Scene, twenty minutes ago: a clutch of McDonald’s employees in full uniform, including the assistant manager, march through the play area […]

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