How can the government promote User Generated Content?

Michael Geist, a noted copyright policy¬†expert in Canada, has posted a number of suggestions for how the Government of Canada could react to the UGC revolution in his “the Policy Response to the User-Generated Content Boom” post. There are many insightful points in his post, but I thought online audiences would find one particularly interesting: […]

Gossip bloggers provide “energy and immediacy to reporters”

How do traditional print gossip columnists react to the accelerating competition from every apartment-bound celebrity hound with a laptop and a Blogger identity? A comment from Micheal Musto, the columnist for the Village Voice: But how thrilled are you about all the gossip bloggers moving in on your turf and co-opting our brain cells? Don’t […]

A sweet promo for taxi riders

A brilliant promo item for the holidays, courtesy of PopJustice. A London taxi firm sent out a box of chocolates to its clients, each one imprinted with the face of a celebrity known to take taxis. PopJustice provides a guide to the celebrities, including Daniel Bedingfield, Rachel Stevens … and a bunch of Brits I’ve […]

Silverado and Mellencamp’s “Our Country” – not so patriotic

As a small market, Canada has to get used to repurposed advertising. We’re a touch British, really quite American, and believe we’re cosmopolitan enough to buy into anodyne international campaigns developed by a holding company’s European office, shot by an American subsidiary and distributed through a centralized media planning shop. Scott Feschuk now writes a […]

Rose Parade, Stormtroopers and Brand Strength

Oh, I’m going to get flamed by the Star Wars loyalists on this. The 501st Legion is a group of Star Wars fans dedicated enough to create storyline-authentic costumes as Stormtroopers. They appear at fan conventions, local events and support charity work. This past weekend, as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Star […]

I’ll take PotPourri for $400, Alex

Survey bias, pimping to kids, GTD, music promo and local journalism – talk about a potpourri of topics! “What it takes to be a [local] journalist” – from the Boston [Lincolnshire] Standard. Fantastic Getting Things Done templates for the Moleskine notebook. Cultural and spatial bias could be affecting your survey results – if you use […]

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