Now that’s employee communications

You know, it’s a great feeling when the people you work with know exactly what to get you as a going-away present. Like this custom t-shirt.

Predicting behaviour by consumers and panicked citizens

Take one sophisticated computer model capable of predicting individual behaviour in a variety of urban settings. Add a large consumer or retail corporation interested in maximizing their in-store marketing efforts. You can just predict the co-opting of an extremely sophisticated urban planning tool. Not that this scenario has happened yet. Paul Torrens, an assistant professor […]

Change agent: a sisyphean task

Stolen directly from Dave Gray’s blog, Communication Nation: “…A blog is a way of getting support and affirmation from the outside, for the things you are trying to do on the inside. A blog is a way to keep your faith alive.” I know blogs, podcasts, general and specialist social networks and plain old Yahoo […]

Why do doorhangers still exist?

What sensible media plan includes doorhangers? What is the goal of a doorhanger campaign? Awareness through irritation? I live in the suburbs, so my perception may be coloured. We seem to get a lot of doorhangers – from the standard coupon for local restaurants to the oblong, the irregular and the just plain inconvenient. Sure, […]

Let’s relive the 80s

“Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times?” Do you remember that scene from the Bill Murray classic Meatballs? When the kid in the electric wheelchair passes the school bus headed for camp? Hey! Whatever happened to Chris Makepeace? Now that the fashions of the 80s are back, shouldn’t we […]

More public relations goodness

  If I haven’t mentioned this lately, I’ve moved some of my public relations posts over to – my site dedicated to improving government communications. Lately, I’ve written about Remaking a government communications community and How to improve your Minister’s bio page – two subjects that can easily be applied to organizational communications as well. Go […]

Lolcats picts … with 80s bands

Do you like I Can Has Cheezburger? Those lolcats pictures really are funny, aren’t they? Then you will love this extensive collection of lol80s pictures. Featuring, of course, all your favourite musicians and actors from the 80s and 90s.    

A good media experience depends on preparation

From The Friendly Ghost, a lesson that a truly prepared guest can counter an aggressive interviewer. An interview between Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys and Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, the British Ambassador to Afghanistan, sputtered for a moment when the diplomat supported his arguments with fresh reporting from the BBC’s own website: “…A short way into […]

How We Are: British social history through photographs

Photography that represents real life. An action, a look, a still life that records a moment in British social history. That’s the goal of Tate Britain’s exhibition of photography, “How We Are: Photographing Britain.” The exhibition draws from mass media pieces (postcards, propaganda) as well as personal (family photographs, medical records). The Tate Britain is encouraging public participation as […]

Facebook Update = Developing Murder Story

Well, the Ottawa Citizen is breaking new ground with its monitoring of Facebook profiles. Not only can social networks be helpful in drawing up an initial impression of a possible murder suspect, but a simple update on a Facebook profile can make for valuable additional column inches on a story that’s a little slow to develop.  […]

Pet ads that whack the funny bone

Most advertising and advocacy work developed for animal shelters plays on sympathetic pictures of abandoned pets. I love the twist Leo Burnett Toronto has developed for the Toronto Humane Society. Their new campaign focuses on the benefits of animal adoption for humans: stress reduction, a sense of play, change in lifestyle, and personal health. And […]

It’s not that I’m ignoring you …

This just in! Experiments conducted at Stanford reveal that “the brain’s ability to suppress irrelevant memories makes it easier for humans to remember what’s really important.” There we go. Scientific evidence that my inability to remember insignificant details is simply the product of a highly functioning brain. “…Memory allows humans to be predictive about what’s […]

What are you allowed to wear to work on a hot day?

It was 31 degrees celcius or more today. In a hot and humid capital city, that seems to be taken as permission to dress completely inappropriately. I’m sure someone, somewhere, was wearing a mesh shirt to work.  

Must read: a real job description for Account Executives

Leigh Householder (AdverGirl) has some clear advice for a new account executive, including Eleven Unbreakable Rules for AEs and a Be A Better AE Cheat Sheet.  [tags] AdverGirl, account executive, advertising agency [/tags]

Your REAL summer book list

As workaholics contemplate their upcoming summer vacations, they’re coming to the realization that there will be a lot of time to fill up. Hours and days normally consumed with meetings, lunches and gossip are now booked off. In an attempt to seem deep and pensive, many bloggers are writing up lists of the great or […]

the fourth wall comes tumbling down

As communicators, public relations types, flacks, marketers … do you remember the moment in your youth when you realized that the wonderful smörgåsbord of media did not just fall into your lap for your consumption and enjoyment? I mean, when did the fourth wall fall down for you? When did you realize that vast armies […]

Look at that friends! Drag it in!

A Chevette. An Oldsmobile. A K Car. An Omni. All for under $3000. That’s the mission of Dave Campo, a television sales consultant that apparently worked across the United States helping local car dealerships move their clunkers and fine used automobiles. See a compilation of his selling techniques: gestures, exhortations, catch phrases and facial expressions, […]

Swayze in a corner?

The day’s best cross-cultural reference: “Nobody puts Swayze in a corner!” It’s the promo tag line for AMC’s showing of the 80s film Red Dawn. And for those readers younger than twenty five, it echoes Patrick Swayze’s famous line from Dirty Dancing. [tags] 80s, eighties, Dirty Dancing, Jerry Orbach [/tags]

Where’s my social network aggregator?

Okay, people. I’ve got a job. I’ve got a family. I sometimes watch network television. Who is going to invent a Trillian-like app for all these damn social networks? Really. MyRagan Melcrum’s Communicator’s Network LinkedIn Facebook Yes. I know. I’m mixing multi-purpose professional networks with more general apps.   Robin Crumby of Melcrum makes some […]

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