Floating Fords

The new ads for the Ford Mondeo feature car owners setting their old cars adrift with helium balloons. Creative Review not only interviews special effects shop Asylum about the ad, it offers up a “making of the commercial” film. If you haven’t seen the commercial (which has run across Europe), it’s available online. Ogilvy, Bikini […]

MTV Movie Awards Are Like …

It’s a little risque, but I like this analogy from Fatback and Collards: “…I think MTV Movie Awards should come with a mandatory asterisk because, winning an MTV Award for acting is the equivalent of an astronaut getting a hand job from an elementary school science teacher for engineering achievements…”

What’s in your Gartner Hype Cycle office?

I’ve taken the Gartner Hype Cycle, and interpreted it by applying the typical objects you might find in a company office or cubicle during each phase of the cycle.

Monday Miscellany

Kevin Dugan‘s prepared a video on vending machines as a growing sales channel for more than just snack foods. To me, it seems that the sheer bulk and impersonality of vending machines will continue to block their popularity. Debit and credit technology have advanced, but vending machines in North America continue to be a large […]

Buttafuoco and romantic comedy, who knew?

Two interesting excerpts from the NYT Magazine’s profile of Judd Apatow: “…12-hour days in Northridge began dragging interminably. The curious appearance one day of Joey Buttafuoco (of Amy Fisher fame) manning a craft-services ice-cream truck only momentarily lifted the torpor…” “…Next up was “Superbad,” a teenage comedy that Rogen and Goldberg had been writing since […]

Jonathan Coulton – from his own mouth

Do you like Jonathan Coulton? Do you like Clive Thompson? Did you read Clive’s discussion in the NYT Magazine of how online and social media can benefit the careers of people like Jonathan Coulton? Then you’ll like Jonathon’s own personal account: How I Did It. In keeping with the self promotional theme, I think Jonathan’s […]

How to push weiners: true retail work

“You bring the drinks, and I got the buns …. I got a hot dog in each hand …” Detroit Cobras (Hot Dog) Today, a little lesson in how to convince people to wedge a casing full of leftover animal parts into their mouth. Mmmmmmmmmm! Maybe you could offer custom ketchup and relish packets, as […]

Social media is like …

From Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type: “To generalize: Facebook is the dorm; Wikipedia is the library; and Craigslist is the mall. One’s for socializing; one’s for studying; one’s for trading.” Hmmm. Then these analogies work as well: flickr is the high school photography club flickr PRO is just like an M.F.A. is the community notice […]

Lives frozen in time

There are several things I like about Chris Crites‘ work, other than it being painted on shopping bags. The subjects of his paintings jump out at you, wrinkles, folds and crazy eyes ajimbo. He chooses colour palettes that really catch your eye, but seem to evoke the spirit of the subject being portrayed. I probably appreciate […]

Hunter S. Thompson and Paris Hilton …. and books

.. together, in a post about publicity at book stores. Two excerpts from LA Weekly’s special feature on independent bookstores in the LA area:  ” … Tyson Cornell is the events organizer and publicity guy for Book Soup, and in that capacity one evening before an author reading, he found himself in the shop’s tiny […]

The magic carpets of Hong Kong

Twenty six years ago, I was wandering the streets of Hong Kong, setting off each Saturday on day-long meanders from the safety from my parent’s three bedroom apartment on Po Shan Do.    Located up in the Mid-levels on the island, our apartment building sat right beside a rather horrible landmark: a hillside full of concrete flumes and drains, put in place after a […]

Our topic today is pimping culture, eh?

You really can’t “extend the brand” on a cultural icon. But that hasn’t stopped the Brick Brewery from using Bob and Doug Mackenzie to pimp their Red Cap Ale stubbie bottle. I’ve watched this video a dozen times, and I can’t quite put my finger on what I find so unsettling. Here are some thoughts: […]

How not to suck at research

Lifted straight from a post by Steve Portigal, the principal in “a boutique firm that brings together user research, design and business strategy”.  Read it. Live it.   1. Quit worrying about jargon 2. Think more broadly about which people you want to learn about 3. Garbage in, garbage out 4. Give other people the space […]

Does your industry dynamic obscure your client focus?

Inside the fishbowl. Inside the beltway. Myopic. With blinkers on. Inside baseball. Sometimes pigheaded. Maybe a tad close-minded. That’s slightly exaggerated, but Andrew Cracknell, formerly of Bates, makes the point that advertising agencies can sometimes lose track of the real people they’re trying to reach. The point stands for public relations types as well. “… But […]

Does your office have a Flagpole Sitta in it?

Every office needs a mix of personalities. The strait-laced editor. The irreverent copywriter. The fastidious and ambitious junior manager. The intern with limitless imagination. The stunningly inventive creative. The guy just there to collect a paycheque to pay for his punk band’s gas bill. Every office also needs a balance among all these personalities, so […]

What are YOU doing with YOUR life?

Sure. We all see the pictures. Poor Jessica Simpson, ripped apart on all the gossip sites. Frequent changes in hair colour. Unexplained fascination with muu-muu like dresses. Carnival clown lipstick. Grinding with Eva in Vegas. Avoiding photographers with John Mayer. Meanwhile, there’s Nick with Vanessa. Sigh. Poor Jessica. How does she do it? How does she struggle through life […]

Now, I’m not saying I’m cheap …

but I just realized that every piece of clothing I’m wearing came from an outlet shop … in a different province or state. Suede wingtips, from (post-Christmas sale) Blue Patterned Shirt and Beige Chinos, from Chelsea Premimum Outlets, Waterloo, NY Watch from Miromar Outlets, Florida Belt from Chelsea Premium Outlets, Woodbury Common, NY Socks from […]

Graffiti in London, people!

    A walk through stencil art and graffiti in London. A rough Graffiti Art Tour through London El Chivo (including the photo up top) on Flickr. Londonist has some El Chivo. Banksy on Flickr.  Banksy Maid with Sid Vicious add-on by Jef Aerosol; Banksy Migrant security workers; and Old Skool. Faile graffiti in London. And Copenhagen. And Tokyo. Jef […]

Social media can screw you up

Social media can really affect your career. There’s a point where experimentation becomes obsession, where habits become compulsions. And at that point, there’s frequently a loss of judgment or perspective. It’s like getting high on the social media crack. Your jonesing for social media love can lead to several things: ill-considered postings on poorly thought-out […]

Another thing about Facebook

Jeff Vrabel nails one of the things about Facebook (and every other friends network) that makes me uneasy. “…This is my problem, though: that Facebook takes what used to be a shapeless process — making friends — and pours math into it, meaning that you can very easily, with a few mental calculations, compute how […]

Commercial and Decorative Text in Urban Areas

A handful of looks at urban text: Paul Shaw’s record of found typography across New York City. (New York Times) The hand drawn signs of the taquerias on Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn (Village Voice) New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual (1970) from Triborough joeclark’s amonthofsubways flickr set: a picture a day of signs in […]

Sign spinners – causing roadside accidents through dance

The half-hearted clowns advertising discount roses, furniture sales, condo sales, and used car lots. Shedding bears and floppy eared dogs try to draw crowds to community fairs … They don’t have the moves to compete with the sign spinners featured in the Los Angeles Times today. And like any niche industry trying to bootstrap into […]

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