Every little beastie loves Raquel Welch

There’s an eerie similarity between the costumes and the dance moves in these two videos: The Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic, A clip from Raquel Welch’s 1970 TV special, Raquel! h/tip to Crying All The Way to the Chip Shop [tags] Raquel Welch, Beastie Boys, Intergalactic, Devo ripoff [/tags]

Mashups, Expert Analysis and Keywords

Tag clouds. There’s your next content analysis tool. With Tagcrowd‘s “Alpha” service, you can easily analyze any text for recurring words and concepts. Obviously, tag clouds work best when applied to a large database: either a long speech or a quantity of smaller pieces. For example, here’s a tag cloud of Canada’s 2006 Speech from […]

Roll Up The Rim to Win in Afghanistan

The key to continuing customer loyalty is never stop delivering on your brand and product promise. Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee and donut chain, knows this and delivers in spades. A year ago, Tims opened up an outlet at the  Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan. There are 2500-odd Canadian troops operating in Afghanistan, as well as […]

Only for Moleskine addicts

If you’re a Moleskine addict like me, there’s a number of different styles on clearance at Amazon.

Cardinal Egan’s smooth stonewalling

Cardinal Edward Egan is featured in the NYT, and one of the topics of discussion is his financial management of the Archdiocese of New York. Egan claims to have eliminated the Archdiocese’s deficit, and is paying down the debt. Still, he won’t release financial records – a step already taken by Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago […]

Socially awkward Facebook eight year olds and their spam

Selling cell phones to eight year olds. Burn in hell, over-reaching capitalists! An imaginary conversation between a father and his 17 year-old son: “You see, son, back when you were eight, we signed you up for a family plan with lifetime free texting. Lifetime. With the same company. You’re contractually obligated to stay with the […]

You Can’t Go Home Again – agency edition

In North America, agencies can disappear quickly. No matter the reason for their closure, a similar pattern is followed: booze, pens and paper are liberated agency name is retired, reassigned or merged within the umbrella ownership group creative and uncreative employees drift with the wind and the latest multi-million dollar review leased fax, photocopier and […]

Do you mind massaging my blego?

Yeah. That’s right. Just a little to the left. Harder. Ooooh. I’ve been nominated for the Bloggers’ Choice Awards, for best marketing blog (talk about some stiff competition). That’s the button over in the sidebar, breaking my column width. Unfortunately, when I try to scale it down, it becomes illegible. Vote for Canuckflack if you’d […]

Markets in everything – journalists who wear glasses

Ummm. I guess there’s an obsession for everyone. Like people who really get into journalists who wear glasses. I mean so obsessed that they try to guess the journalist’s prescription. Here’s an example: “…royboy 11 May 2005, 21:13 hey mimi — i agree with u that bill hemmer is so hot and has the perfect […]

A blast at old and tired radio bits

It’s a retread, but I still find it funny. An hour long clip from a 2002 broadcast of the Opie and Anthony radio show that takes a swipe at all the tired comedy and entertainment bits you find on AM and FM radio. (10 meg download from Look for the file called new-format(full-bit)01-02-2002.mp3) Includes such […]

Want your neighbour advertising with Adwords on your blog?

Adwords. Bloggers don’t mind running Adwords alonside their text because the Google program usually produces national-level text ads or extremely targeted text ads that complement your content. But what if Google signed up with Pennysaver, the international chain of free weeklies that specializes in very cheap and very temporary local classified ads? That may just […]

About that stupid survey …

“The most important phase of the communications survey is the evaluation phase.” Ever heard that? You have, at least from your boss during the annual performance review. Or from a media monitoring vendor making a pitch. Of course, every communicator is painfully aware of the weaknesses of common evaluation methods. Focus Groups? Easily railroaded by […]

When social media leads to personality theft

I think everyone is aware of the financial implications of identity theft – and we likely have all suffered from it. But are the consequences greater when your identity is mimicked on sites like LinkedIn, MySpace or Facebook? The digital trail left by an identity thief can leave a lasting – and possibly damaging – history […]

How one political journalist uses Facebook

How should a national television reporter evaluate his participation in Facebook and its many affinity groups? David Akin of CTV pulls back the curtain and reveals how Facebook plays into his reporting on the activities of Canada’s national politicians: “….So, for example, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a Facebook account and, when I signed up, […]

Can you really claim to be a “strategic communicator”?

Steve Postrel left some incisive comments on Grant McCracken’s This Blog Sits At, building on Leora Kornfeld’s question: Why does everyone call themselves a strategist nowadays? “Just for laughs, when someone claims to be a strategist, you could ask them which tradition of strategy they represent. Economic? Then ask them to define a Nash equilibrium […]

The Conversation Age – another author adds on

Okay! I’m in too!. I’ve volunteered to write a chapter – okay, a one page note – on how government communicators will have to adjust to dealing with the the members and issues embodied by new online networks and affinity groups for the new e-book being corralled by Gavin Heaton and Drew Mclellan: … And […]

Conversation managers, or conversation architects?

David Armano has been building out an argument for the role of a “community architect” at his Logic + Emotion blog. BusinessWeek has given him a chance to speak to a more general audience this week, and many of Armano’s clear and informative graphics accompany the piece. The image above is taken from a presentation, […]

Canadian Culture, pt. II

Where else but in a world curling championship would the final championship game be halted by an excited audience member shrieking – because she won the 50/50 lottery draw? Sure, she did win $16,000, but the two teams on the ice were visibly surprised by the noise. The Canadian skip (team captain) had to stop […]

Canadian Culture, pt. I

Yeah, I’m Canadian. I drove about 800 kilometres round trip yesterday to go shopping at an outlet mall in central New York. I paid the duty and taxes on what I bought, too! Just keeping it real, peeps! Unfortunately, my kids know that there’s a Disney Radio station in Syracuse. I have two observations to […]

Now THIS is how you communicate long term trends

This is a post about information design. How do you help the general public understand the speculative nature of the real estate market? A market where investors (home owners) are aware of local prices and costs, but blissfully unaware of long term trends in real estate? Plot the history of real estate prices (adjusted for […]

Action for Ads: Stop picking on the poor advertisers

While it’s true that advertising cultures change (sometimes drastically) from country to country, it’s important to note that the British advertising industry feels sufficiently slammed by consumer advocates to launch an online petition to battle back against accusations that advertising is the source of all evil. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Still, we […]

Get the Glass full of sludgy milky goodness

It’s engaging. It’s got a Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney feel to it. It has family cast of characters like Meet the Robinsons. It includes an online board game, but with some well drawn and engaging interactive components. It’s Get The Glass, the latest advertising campaign and online add-on developed for the California Milk Processor Board. Unfortunately, it loads […]

Ninja and Toilet Flush goodies

Let me say – I like the interview. Ask A Ninja actually interviews Will Ferrell and Jon Heder about their new movie, the apparently sucky Blades of Glory. There’s something weird about seeing the Ninja on a promotional tour, sitting in an anonymous hotel room backed by a movie poster, but the exchanges between Ninja […]

Is Social Media Sunshine and Buttercups, or Death in a Can?

When you speak to the other 90% of the world that barely understands the concept of social media, is your rhetoric more Anthony Robbins or Rush Limbaugh? In your pitches, are the benefits of social media innovation balanced against the potential risks to corporate information? As corporate consultancies begin to play in the arena, this […]

Is Social Media Sunshine and Buttercups, or Death in a Can?

When you speak to the other 90% of the world that barely understands the concept of social media, is your rhetoric more Anthony Robbins or Rush Limbaugh? In your pitches, are the benefits of social media innovation balanced against the potential risks to corporate information? As corporate consultancies begin to play in the arena, this […]

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