Oh, linkbait, let me count the ways

  1. Write a post criticising Mac users.
  2. When making your argument, point to as many other blogs as possible.
  3. Bury links in your text with offhand references like this and this.
  4. Start your day off by checking Digg, techmeme, Reddit or Gawker for subjects to blog about. You know, instead of actually adding value.
  5. Create a list of niche blogs. A list so big that you can’t possibly be monitoring it on a regular basis. Give it a nice graphic.
  6. Write a gimmick post. Encourage your readers to copy your post (and code) on their blog.
  7. Two words: Venn diagram.
  8. Build your entire post out of quotes from four or more bloggers who have already covered the issue.
  9. Write about using a Moleskine or implementing GTD.
  10. Show how porn proved useful in an unusual situation.
  11. Start a blog category of pictures of pets in compromising positions. Give them dialog bubbles in geek code.
  12. Blog about unusual stuff. Really unusual stuff.
  13. Use no less than seven Technorati tags.
  14. Slag Strumpette. Or Scoble.
  15. Pimp your posts to blogs with higher authority rankings.
  16. Write a post about linkbaiting.

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