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Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO spoke to the Triangle Independent Weekly about his art and his past:

INDEPENDENT: I’m 32, and with digital technologies I’ve noticed an acceleration in de-evolution in my lifetime. I go to the library, a cell phone goes off, and I listen to this inane conversation…. How do these things feel to you? Do you feel an acceleration?

MOTHERSBAUGH: Well, unfortunately, yeah. My feeling about technology—it’s still the same as it was when we started Devo—is that I’m pro-information, anti-stupidity and pro-positive mutation. And I think that still applies 30 years later. That’s still my feeling. That’s my concern with the world…

Interview with Andy Spade about Mothersbaugh’s extensive advertising and movie work at Index Magazine.

ANDY: I find it surprising that artists still don’t want to admit they do commercial projects.

MARK: It takes a masterful artist to have his art embraced by popular culture and not turn to shit. You have to be really clever or really subversive. Target used the Devo song “Beautiful World” in a commercial last Christmas. That was one of my favorite moments for us as a band, even though they didn’t include the punch line of the song, which is, “It’s a beautiful world for you, for you, but not for me.” That song was basically a diatribe against mindless consumerism. It’s very ironic but also very satisfying that they’d use it.

Biovid from NBC available at markmothersbaugh.com.

Intervideo about DEVO’s origins at Kent State can be found at Weird America.

More of Mark Mothersbaugh’s work.

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