What’s the appropriate government response to “misinformation”?

If you can work your way through the economics and mathematical proofs, “Regulating Misinformation,” a new NBER paper from Edward L Glaeser and Gergely Ujhelyi makes some blunt observations about the economic effects of public relations, advertising – particularly by monopolies and oligopolies – and government attempts to regulate or eliminate the “misinformation” they may […]

Polling 101: Random Digits vs. Lists guest poster Amy Simon explains the benefits and possible pitfalls of random digit dialling versus registration-based sampling in polls. She focuses on their application to electoral cycles, but her analysis is useful for anyone looking for insight into polling methodology. [tags] polls, polling, elections [/tags]

Some helpful pointers to new (to me) blogs

There’s a “Z List” meme working its way through the neighbourhood and, in the spirit of sharing, I want to point you to some new and possibly interesting blogs that I’ve taken a look at recently. In no particular order: Marketing Punk Social Media on the Fly Dave Forde Tell Ten Friends Plaintive Wail Tamera […]

Rising media savvy in India

The Indian television market is booming, and Indian celebrities, politicians, activists and even the armed forces are adjusting to the pressures and behaviours expected in a 24/7 media environment dominated by visual reporting. In North America, we assume that our talking heads know how to behave and speak in front of a mike: this is […]

CCNMatthews and Marketwire – now another private equity shop

I’m chewing through the announcement that OMERS – the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System – pension fund has bought CCNMatthews and Marketwire. Along for the ride is Manulife as a minority partner. Earlier this year, MarketWire was brought under the tent. Well, now the additional cash is certainly available. What’s the next step to growing the […]

Festivus: its’ role in retail promotion

Tomorrow is the nominal date for Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us. In one corner of the internets, we can get a look at the Festivus promotion in downtown St. Louis, seen through the work of designer Dan Zettwoch. Dan walks us through his conceptual work developing the promotional poster for the December […]

Brownies, monkeys and blog networks

In commenting on my post about big words, Ron Diorio used a fantastic analogy: “The Gutnenberg reference always makes me laugh. It seems that blogs are more like Brownie cameras. They tarnsformed a complex technical process into a push button solution. Culturally the Brownie camera changed the way that we saw things and allowed for […]

That guy from WSJ has some unresolved blog issues

I know Steve‘s seen the op/ed in the Wall Street Journal today. I was deliberating how to react, if at all, when it struck me: I’ve always judged the strength of an argument by the language used by the principal. Mr. Joseph Rago surely loves the looong word. The sophisticated word. The intellectual word. The […]

UPDATED: SPJ may NOT just have bloggers in their sights

Which is worse – that the Society of Professional Journalists is taking a good chunk of money from MarketWire – a for-profit service developed to influence reporters – to help set up a speakers bureau, or that the bureau seems to be targeting bloggers? “… “I am pleased that Market Wire has decided to present […]

What will we be blogging Christmas Morning?

Here’s what we’ll be blogging on Christmas morning: Ate Too Much Christmas Sweaters In-Laws. Can’t love ’em, can’t leave ’em. BCS System My Christmas in Second Life WOM = Pimping, But Without The Sense of Style? Umm, Peace to All … Republicans Corporate Blogging is Ready to Break Out! New iPod to replace the broken […]

Positive attributes of technology – DEVO

Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO spoke to the Triangle Independent Weekly about his art and his past: INDEPENDENT: I’m 32, and with digital technologies I’ve noticed an acceleration in de-evolution in my lifetime. I go to the library, a cell phone goes off, and I listen to this inane conversation…. How do these things feel to […]

Erratic blog feed

Like Chuck Woolery, the blog took a break for “two and two” – two days and two hours. Sorry about dropping out. My kind host had his CPU melt down – like a NorthEastern hipster blogger stuck in a small New Mexico town with no Starbucks and no broadband. Rest assured, I’m back now.

The mall’s role in American culture

The blogging world is full of niches. Public relations blogs are one tiny niche. Another even smaller grouping is mall bloggers. The leading mall blogs are featured in Retail Traffic this month. Here’s my list: Malls of America is a multimedia blast into the past, with a fond eye for the postcard views of 60’s […]

Wal-Mart’s advertising: a peek behind the curtain

While Wal-Mart retreats to a traditional advertising campaign featuring the Smiley Face and low pricing, Julie Roehm, the company’s short lived star marketer, plans for a future on the East Coast. What about the old guard – the marketers that helped drive Wal-Mart’s sales to such stratospheric heights? In late October, the Kansas City Pitch […]

Outrageous PR Stunts – and the personality behind them

“Can We Do That? Outrageous PR Stunts That Work – and Why Your Company Needs Them” is a pull yourself up by your bootstraps sort of book, willing and pushing businesspeople and public relations types alike to take their work more seriously – and have more fun doing it. It’s a light hearted book with […]

Benchmark your pay as a government communicator

Are you a government communicator – particularly in the United States? Then benchmark your pay scale against the pay of senior communications staffers in Congress. A database put online by LegiStorm makes this available. Try, for example, these employees of the last Congress: the Communications Director in the Office of the Chief Democratic Whip the […]

Cutural awareness is key

Grant, over at TBSAT, drives home the point that marketers (and public relations types) are quite capable of neglecting the role of “culture” in shaping products, messaging, advertising and every aspect of branding. “…Culture is a new “disruptive technology.” (I speak metaphorically. What I mean is that culture is now as disruptive as technology.) Culture […]

A confused customer you can’t possibly help

A field note on retail transformation in a neighbourhood in transition: “Byam Miller’s small business recently relocated to a 4750-foot expansive storefront around the corner, beside the Burren, where the West Coast Video chain store used to be. That means, among other things, that West Coast’s legendary backroom of porn films has vanished, having since […]

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

O’Connor Clarke unleashed this meme on me. I will have my revenge, oh yes I will. I modelled children’s schoolwear – smocks, blousons and eyeglass frames – along with my schoolmates. We were featured in an issue of Italian Children’s Vogue. There was no better place to learn to drive than New Delhi in 1990. […]

Hedonic groceries … shopping carts and cucumbers

New in the world of market research and evaluation: testing the efficiency of shopping patterns in grocery stores. Still unexplored: the intended and unintended impacts of in-store media and marketing on the same shopping patterns. Relatively novel research by a group of Wharton marketing academics attempts to gauge the efficiency of routes taken by grocery […]

Sex and the malentendu: how one rumour affected Enrique

Celebrity interviews are a challenge for most reporters. The celebrity has a limited amount of time to build the loudest buzz for their product, and the reporter must not only feign a bond between the two of them, but find some unique nugget of information to share with readers. That’s why Steven Devadanam (Houston Press) […]

Stupid IS as Stupid BLOGS

“Advising a CEO to start a blog without figuring out what it’s going to stand for is a bit like …” booking the CEO on 60 Minutes, no questions asked ignoring years building delicate labour/management relationships condemning yourself to months of “Well, I’M a writer NOW, TOO” making space for the SEC investigators in your […]

Appealing art for hyper-realists

I’m digging the work of Darlene Charneco. At touch of the pseud in the narrative, but that’s likely to be expected. “…Ms. Charneco uses household nails, acrylic, enamel, glitter, model houses and trees, and multiple layers of resin to create 3-dimensional paintings. The works represent a lifetime of constructed memories, as well as the virtual […]

Social media solutions for Santa Claus Enterprises, Inc.

Issue: A� vertical conglomerate with continuous production demands and an asymmetrical distribution cycle, Santa Claus Enterprises faces accelerating competition from e-suppliers and even a reinvigorated challenge from traditional toy retailers. It currently faces difficulties coordinating the work of its management, production, strategic forecasting and distribution groups. Scope: Communications among SCE, Inc. groups relies upon traditional […]

Quotes you only dream of putting in a release

David Letterman, on his contract with CBS being extended to 2010: � “”I’m thrilled to be continuing on at CBS,” Letterman, 59, said in a statement. “At my age you really don’t want to have to learn a new commute.”

The lobby groups that are staring down Bentonville

The anti Wal-mart crowd gets a big wet sloppy kiss from Fortune. A profile of Wake Up Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Watch. Some details from Wake up Wal-Mart‘s plans: “… The PowerPoint presentation entitled “Hope for the Holidays” details how the 1 1/2-year-old union-backed group plans to rattle Wal-Mart’s carefully crafted image precisely when Americans are […]

Pr Bloggers: servants of the almight dollar?

Ed’s got a good conversation going about the propriety of Canadian PR bloggers hosting advertising by CNW. Here’s my comment: “Good points, guys. Yes, I decided to carry the ad. I’ve never carried ads because I could never be guaranteed an ad program would deliver ads specific to my readership – the CNW ad […]

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