Washington Post buys into the “generosity” meme

Steve made a point last week about building influence and audience through generosity – the free sharing of information and a willingness to send your reader off to other parts of the blogosphere for further analysis. Today we find out from the NYTimes that the Washington Post will be embracing the concept fully – by […]

How beer can contribute to your big keynote

How to deliver an effective and entertaining conference presentation – while following the style of the iconic “I am Canadian” beer commercial. From Presentation Zen. (To tell the truth, the advice covers some of the same ground as Guy Kawasaki and Presentation Zen’s own Gates vs. Jobs post.) But those other posts did not appeal […]

Fleishman’s testing out a blog on Typepad

Wonder who‘s helping Fleishman-Hillard set up a blog? Like this password-protected blog over at Typepad? Makes sense, considering their hiring spree lately. UPDATE: As I think about it, I wonder if that’s the link for the internal blog being tested out by FH’s new head honcho, Dave Senay. David Jones has the scoop on the […]

Underground blogosphere – do you really mean the proles?

Underground blogosphere, eh? Drawing on my background in economic history, I present you with a medieval analogy: Once upon a time, four young scribes frequented the same market square. They each had their own specialty – calligraphy, ornamentation, court documents and market hoarding – and each had built up a profitable clientele among the local […]

Your colleagues are, indeed, all lunatics

“10 habits of highly annoying agency humans“, courtesy of Advergirl. A sample: “Eh, Why NOT Start at 2AM? Who knows what he does during the actual work day. What with the towering workload that could keep three creatives busy 10 hours a day and all the meetings, the managing of people and expectations, the requisite […]

Self-checkout undermining the tabloid wars?

Its entrenched fountain of grubby well-thumbed quarters under seige because of some trouble with its mix of titles and target markets, American Media may have to face further challenges from consumers’ preference for self-checkout aisles. The owner of the National Equirer, the Star and the Globe, the overleveraged company controls most of the display racks […]

Targeted marketing, the Wieden + Kennedy way

Really, wouldn’t it be better to post a notice like this in a liquor store? Don’t know whether W+K London is, in fact, looking for a creative director. They’ve linked to the picture on their in-house blog, though. And for those of you not in the U.K., Tesco is a tremendously large chain of grocery […]

Clifford, lawyers and the inappropriate use of balloon animals

I’m really juggling my thoughts about the anti-clown campaign launched by a New York law firm. If you haven’t heard, this firm has started sending out cease-and-desist letters to local clowns who portray popular children’s characters at birthday parties and the like. Included in the forbidden frivolity are Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the […]

Traditional logos, done Web 2.0 style

You might have seen this on digg, but yay hooray had a great thread today on redesigning famous logos in Web 2.0 format. Redesigns by graphicante, e3e, micah, broker and others Oh – and check out the redesigns for Famous Amos cookies and Camel cigarettes. Shoutout to Greg Brooks for the pointer.

Blogging academics and the universities who should love them

Brad DeLong, an economist at the University of California at Berkeley, discusses the value blogging brings to his work and his university. On his blog and in the Chronicle of Higher Education. ” … every legitimate economist who has worked in government has left swearing to do everything possible to raise the level of debate […]

When email interviews get messy: the CBC edition

Is your management team considering outsourcing your publicity/public relations function? Were your media mention measurements skewed by the inordinate coverage of your employee lockout? Ever wonder how stupid advertising value equivalency sounds as a measurement indicator in an actual interview setting? You have to read Antonia Zerbisias’ discussion of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s decision to […]

Perking up your email lists – waking up your “inactives”

Do you have an email list that seems slow and laggard? A virtual Commodore Amiga of electronic activity – once new and exciting, with many bells and whistles, but now outstripped by other tools? In Target Marketing Magazine, Regina Brady offered up some advice on prompting action (or at least reaction) from the most quiet […]

Bad government communications and an Indian blogger’s code of ethics

You may have heard about blogspot and other services being blocked by ISPs in India – purportedly at the behest of the Indian government in reaction to the bombing campaign in Mumbai earlier this month, or maybe in an effort to minimize online commentary that critcises some of the major religious groups in India. The […]

Like a Cable Access Version of a Beer Commercial

Quite a spectacle of man-preening and primping down at the beach today. Four guys arrived just after me and the fam, set up their portable volleyball court in the middle of the beach, stripped down to their shorts, and proceeded to play. With great seriousness. Chest-thumping, diving, high fives. Wrap-around Oakleys. All that was missing […]

Common cliches – a sure-fire way to demonstrate your unoriginality.

Jeremy Wagtaff’s got a list of cliches commonly used by media in the english-speaking world during the first six months of 2006. Number one? “At the end of the day,” which was used more than twice as frequently as “in the black.” The list is produced by Factiva. In case you’re feeling spectacularly unoriginal, try […]

VW’s manual for backseat drivers

CP+B’s work for Volkswagen continues to impress. These are images clipped from a Backseat Driver’s Manual for Jettas, as inserted in recent issues of Wired, Spin and other magazines. Full scans of the booklet, including the Backseat Driver’s Exam, can be found on the VWVortex forum, courtesy of USCVWFan. Hat tip to Advertising for Peanuts, […]

Wal-mart tries out the online youth space

Wal-mart has rolled out a tailored response to MySpace – with limited functionality and supervised posting privileges. Initial criticism has questioned the authenticity of the existing members, and others have noted the low membership numbers. Don’t worry, Wal-mart! Even with the blantant association with your in-house clothing lines, your overbearing lawyer-driven approval process and limited […]

A pleasant landscape plan – for an Astroturf campaign

Big campaign against astroturf brewing, propelled by the energy of Paull Young. I’ve commented on astroturf before, and don’t think very highly of the perceptual sleight-of-hand that many astroturf campaigns rely upon. Like planting subject matter experts at public consultation sessions. Much more cogitation about falsely fuelled public information campaigns at Trevor’s blog and Paull’s […]

Blogging during the dog days of summer


Speedo: a promising B2C podcast for a fervent community

Speedo’s enlisted Neville to produce the first in a series of podcasts featuring Olympic swimmers. As the father of two competitive swimmers, I can tell you they’ve nailed the format with this one. Interesting content, thumping bass-heavy intro music, it’s a podcast I’m loading onto my daughter’s iPod just in time for a meet this […]

Podcasts: another way for the paper to preach to you

Voice. It’s a concept we normally associate with identity, opinion, the differentiation of personalities. Charlton Heston is the voice of authority. Dr. Ruth represents compassion. Will Rogers was your wise old uncle. Morton Downey Jr. was your crazy old uncle. David Leisure is your insincere cousin, ready to sell you a lemon and an extended […]

Bradfield is strapping on the cleats and corking his bat

Man. David Bradfield is being called up. He’s going to the Fleishman-Hillard shop down south. To quote:”In August 2006 I join the New York office of Fleishman-Hillard to set up a new interactive, digital and social media group. The timing is perfect for this move.” New York. The Big Show. “Crash Davis: Yeah, I was […]

A Guide to the New Middle Class: Chavs, DVNTYs, Loft Wingers and others

It’s always a daunting challenge: explaining an ever-fragmenting market to your clients while building your consultancy’s intellectual capital. That old stand-by of risk-shy and ad-aware behaviour, the middle class, seems to be disappearing into smaller niches characterized by individualistic behaviour and apparently irrational market behaviour. “The old class-based definitions have become redundant. We need new, […]

Explore the lives, methods and ideas of idea masters you admire

Your idea machine stuck in neutral? Take some inspiration from Sam Harrison’s IdeaSpotting: How to find your next great idea. It’s been excerpted by How magazine.

Tour de France: maybe there’s a chance for the good guys

I’ve had plenty of thoughts since hearing a doping scandal has eliminated a posse of contenders from the Tour de France. I was cheered when I realized George Hincapie was still in the race and had a chance of winning a maillot jaune of his own. Which is why I agree with everything Olivier has […]

Government attempts at podcasting: no transvestite host in Canada – so far

The Prime Minister of Canada is podcasting, after a fashion, as Joe points out. This puts our Conservative government out ahead of its peers in Old Blighty, who have only made one attempt in the format. It was a funny and imaginative attempt, however. In June, comedian Eddie Izzard accompanied PM Blair on a trip […]

The iPod Nano of Death and A-ha Ringtones

From McSweeney’s – Eight Ways to Kill Someone by Using an iPod Nano: 2. Take off one sock (a dress or tube sock; pantyhose will work in a pinch), place the Nano in the sock, swing it around as fast as you can (being careful to not hit yourself), and whack the intended target right […]

Making your anti-fast food activism resonate with local audiences

While we’re all aware of the poor nutritional value of many fast foods, sometimes public health authorities have to make a special effort to connect with their audience. Like this dietician, speaking to the Canberra (Australia) Times about the opening of a local Krispy Kreme store: ” … Canberra dietician Caroline Salisbury said eating one […]

Getting a blog past corporate and legal

More and more corporate communicators are attending social media conferences – but the number of corporate blogs doesn’t seem to be growing. Boris Mann over at Bryght has some hints to help sneak blogging onto your corporate servers: ” … there was no way that legal would allow the type of real-time, unconstrained interaction that […]

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, eh! Geddy Lee sings our national anthem – most likely recorded in a hockey arena. Good Rockin’ Tonight has the standard “I am Canadian” riffs produced by some beer company.

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