TV anchors with unsettling facial hair

“More at eleven” – now this is a tshirt I can get into. From threadless.

Writing copy for the Kiss Army

Rock legend, that’s what it draws upon. Comedy gold, that’s its potential. The Kiss Coffeehouse is now open in Myrtle Beach, people! Promoting the unlikely combination of lifestyle beverages and debauched personal lifestyle would be a dream assignment for any agency type. Your creative juices should flow freely when drawing up these marketing materials. The […]

Social media as a “fashion surfer’s” paradise?

As agencies and consultants rush to establish their online bona fides and publicize their new social media practices, some cautionary words about the behaviour that undermined previous management fads – and the consultancies that tried to capitalize upon them. A study of the 1990s hype behind TQM reveals that inexperienced and bombastic consultants drove experimentation […]

Marketing in Second Life: the thought is making my brain hurt

The screencap of the new For Immediate Release store in Second Life prompted a thought: is there a new business opportunity for retail design and experiential consultants in this new environment? Is there a “butt-brush” factor in the American Apparel store? How exactly can you differentiate between fine North American t-shirts and the lesser quality […]

Online advertising: is there an opening for a cookie monster?

Now THAT’S targeted online advertising! YouTube serves up an ad for when you call up a video of Stevie Wonder playing the theme song on Sesame Street.

I really love me!

In the absence of new content, may I point you to the Financial Time’s continuing coverage of Martin Sorrell’s speech earlier this week, which includes this choice quote from a reputable correspondent: Hat tip to Constantin!

Is Martin Sorrell the Mark Cuban of the media world?

Martin Sorrell has a few words for you, no matter what profession you work in. Develop web apps that undermine the existing media infrastructure? You may very well be a socialistic anarchist (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). This nugget emerged during a speech to the Newspaper Society earlier this week. Work in an […]

Love for consumer generated media and Jonathan Coulton

JoCoPro – the online effort to create videos for Jonathan Coulton’s quirky songs using images from Flickr. The newest is for Ikea – my favourite multinational design-driven retail-oriented commercial panegyric. (wmv, mp4) Despite Flickr’s online buzz and general ease of use, it still has less than an eighth of the market share of Photobucket, the […]

PR Week US now podcasting

PR Week US has jumped on the podcasting bandwagon with some fine offerings, including Elly Trickett’s one-on-one interviews with senior marketing and PR types at P&G, Sunkist and Aflac, as well as a Q&A session with editor Julia Hood. The recording quality varies from podcast to podcast, but I’m sure that will improve as this […]

When blogging anticipates life: pigeon-toed prejudice edition

Last week, I compared the unnumberable threads of social media theory and criticism to the sects found in the movie Life of Brian. This week, word from the NYT that pro-pigeon activist groups in London are fragmenting among similar lines: “”The real fight is among themselves,” the [London] official continued, comparing the apparent discord within […]

Milkman Dan on word of mouth

Oooooh. A Max Cannon cartoon strip auto-generator! (You have to click on the image – it’s worth it!)

AAN names best newsweeklies – or should that be AVN?

A Canadian success story from the latest Association of Alternative Newsweeklies awards – and a touch of homegrown porn. The Coast, a Halifax weekly, (yay Canada!) took “both first and second place in Editorial Layout, as well as first place in the Illustration and Web site categories (small circulation division). The Coast also earned an […]

Bespoke podcasting firm stumbles out of the gate

There’s a new player in podcasting in Ottawa – Podcast Producer. As the name belies, this group of experienced TV, radio and communications pros seek to sell podcasting as a technology and a communications tactic. I say sell because their website has very little of the Web 2.0 evangelizing we’ve come to expect from new […]

You just bought yourself another Saturday … trying to catch up with Web 2.0

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be intellectually bitchslapped by a business consultant? Strategy + business now offers the opportunity, laying out in detail how drastically the marketing profession has to change in order to adapt to new media models and technologies. “… The typical business marketing career has attracted gregarious […]

Germany: the post-modernist avant-garde?

I’ve said it before: the Guardian’s Fiver is worth its subscription price. All the footie talk you can handle, with witticisms and striking social commentary to boot! Like this letter to the Fiver: “”Hoff-adulation, Right Said Fred, leather shorts, neo-fascism, wurst-worship, moustaches and busty beer-wenches in translucent gypsy tunics: such staples of German life prove […]

Economists and Journalists: Advice for cohabitation

On Nieman, a pair of articles penned by Brad DeLong and Susan Rasky: Twelve Things Economists Need to Remember to Be Helpful Journalistic Sources “7. Remember that the plural of anecdote is data. Help journalists understand how to find and use anecdotes that are representative of genuine trends. Twelve Things Journalists Need to Remember to […]

Blogger Blasphemy north of the border

Sometimes it’s easy to be blinded by the glimmer of technology, overlooking in the process the larger socio-economic trends truly changing your environment. I suspect that’s the case with the ongoing blog beatdowns prompted by the unholy marriage of social media and marketers (not to mention those infernal public relations types). Which is why I […]

User generated content: a view from the Love Boat

Anthony Lilley, writing in the Guardian, with some cruise-related interpretation of the catchphrases of social media: “… At the other extreme, every night at 10.30pm there was a show. Now that’s what you call content. Not “generated” by “users”, but rather shared by professional people with special skills at telling jokes, changing with dizzying rapidity […]

Google demonstrates action on China

Spot the interesting agenda item in the Businessweek mini-profile on Google’s Marissa Mayer? This sort of piece is traditionally regarded as lightweight filler material, a “look how hard I work” profile. How many mainline corporate communications shops would highlight a major corporate PR concern in this sort of forum? Admit it – you’d probably substitute […]

Turns out “buzz bands” DO need a global marketing plan!

While indie bands may seem like they’re benefiting from a bump in internet buzz, some industry reps are arguing that even the smallest of labels and bands have to rely upon sophisticated marketing plans if they plan to surf the wave of poseur adoration to continuing success. The danger lies in burning out too quickly, […]

Spokesperson shoots from the mouth, wings himself.

“Off the reservation.” An antiquated and some would say offensive analogy, but effective in describing a spokesperson who strays from your agreed and approved position. Or maybe the result of a comment that seems a little too jocular and wry perhaps. How do you keep your spokesperson from freelancing? In a world that values transparency, […]

Integrated marketing on the web: I bet you buy a hat like this you get a free bowl of soup

Steve says that online media spend doesn’t equal (or approach) online usage rates, and that means “the web is the Rodney Dangerfield of media.” I guess our electronic mistress don’t get no respect. Accompanying his post is a picture from Rodney’s stand-up days, the Rodney that jokes about his work pressures, his horrible friends and […]

Personalization is keeping you off the bread line

I have one word for you, kids. Personalization. It’s the only thing that’s keeping you from having to compete tooth and nail for work with a far better educated young man or woman with a stronger grasp on grammar who just happens to live in India, Kenya, South Africa or Tasmania. ” In fact, outsourcing […]

A letter to the new interns

To the new interns: Welcome! I assume by now you’ve met Trish, our administrative assistant. (She’s married. Forget about it. This isn’t Wedding Crashers) She will be able to help you settle into your new space (behind the coat rack) and find the supplies you will need for a productive term (making copies of your […]

What’s on the mind of 40-something flacks

To follow up on yesterday’s post, John Wagner asked why I hadn’t grossly mischaracterized 40-something agency types. This one’s for you, John!

A comparison of 20 and 30-something flacks


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