Ice Cream Truck tracks

Remember my ice cream truck post? Prompted by the WFMU post?

Well, over at Lil Mike’s you can find an armfull of ice cream truck related music:

Ken Nordine – Emperor Of Ice Cream
Pharell – The Ice Cream Man
Van Halen – Ice Cream Man
Satanicide – Pussy & Ice Cream
Smokescreen – Buttermilk Sundae
Quix O Tic – Ice Cream Sundae
Trout – Ice Cream Man From Hell
Stephen Lynch – Vanilla Ice Cream
Mac Dre – Ice Cream II

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One thought on “Ice Cream Truck tracks

  1. hey thanx for the link

    i just saw that you were out there somewhere

    and it’s late and i gotta go to bed

    but keep on rawkin in freak wurld

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