No mercy in this dojo!

What’s the link between Chuck Norris and the Karate Kid? Much Karate Kid love – and music – over at Sterogum. SWEEP THE LEG!

Mad spin-room skillz

Man, that G-8 government communications head is whack! “Based on her campaign performance, she clearly has mad spin-room skillz. Paul Wells, speaking of Sandra Buckler, the new Director of Communications in the Prime Minister’s Office. Technorati: media relations spokesperson

Starbucks: it’s all still marketing, with a side of cherry wood

Brandweek tells us that the PR manager for 1-800-Got-Junk scored a coup when she landed founder Brian Scudamore’s quote in the Starbucks “The way I see it campaign” – where various trite/profound quotes are printed on the side of the coffee chain’s ubiquitous takeaway cup. Forget all the left versus right outrage about the campaign […]

The easiest buzz bump in the world: porn.

Comedy Central knows how to speed adoption of new technology – especially viewership of their new animated series aimed at mobile phone users. Porn. Not just any porn. Jenna Jameson, the Elizabeth Taylor of Porn. She’ll be voicing a new series of animated shorts called Samurai Love God, which also stars The Daily Show’s Ed […]

Narnia Rap: cunning plan, or overzealous lawyers?

So. NBC asks YouTube to yank the Narnia Rap from their servers. Was this the product of a conscious campaign on NBC’s part to prompt a buzz spike online, as DataMining suggests? Let the video bounce around the ‘sphere for a couple of months, throw that word-of-mouth buzz into hyperdrive, then draw it back into […]

Do Progressives Suck at PR?

For your information, some references to a recent conference aimed at progressive organizations in the lower 48: True Spin: Do Progressives Suck at PR? Diane Farsetta, from the Center for Media and Democracy, commented on her own participation : “…In my presentation, I cautioned against progressive groups trying to replicate the U.S. political right’s approach […]

How GSK is mobilizing a community outreach program to improve pharma’s image

GlaxoSmithKline, the pharma behemoth, became convinced over the past two years that it needed to do a better job establishing a relationship with its community: its customers, its users, the public in general. It needed to counter some of the negative impressions of big pharma with practical and personal commentary that would resonate with the […]

Are you a PR “strategist”? He thinks you’re “toast”!

Julilan Henry, in the Guardian, launches a broadside against every “specialist” in public relations who doesn’t actually come into contact with the media, the customer, or the public: “Most of the major PR agencies in the UK construct their business around writing strategies, drawing up Q&As, drafting positioning statements, scripting advertorials, collating briefing packs, printing […]

Ricky Gervais – the first podcaster to make serious coin?

Ricky Gervais may very well be the first true crossover MSM star. His record-breaking series of podcasts sponsored by Guardian Unlimited is coming to an end, and he has let slip that a further series of the show will be available on iTunes and Audible – at $6.95 for “at least four episodes”. After all, […]

Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes

Ouch. He’s reading from the powerpoint itself. There are 10 bullet points on each slide. And the handout deck is too thick to be stapled. This pitch won’t be winning many converts. From the folks who brought you Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes (Cause Communications and Andy Goodman) comes Why Bad Presentations Happen […]

Four Things

Hans tagged me a few days ago, but I didn’t have time to post. Belatedly, here’s my list of four things: Four jobs I’ve had Hobby Store Clerk Tallywacker Catering Coordinator Media Analyst Four movies I can watch over and over Sixteen Candles The Italian Job (the one with Michael Caine) Jackass Office Space Four […]

Rubel’s movin’ on up, joins Edelman

Steve’s moving to Edelman.

Gomes: trading integrity for popularity

AMEN Phil: “The day you start caring more than two squirts of whizz about your ranking or A-list status is the day you have lost control of your blog — and, with it, your online identity — since that desire to achieve and maintain status will inevitably color what you write and how you write […]

Lupinacci: The consumer is not Jack Kerouac

Ernest Lupinacci has some choice words for overly ambitious – some may say pretentious – advertising briefs over at ihaveanidea. Some creatives will call a campaign “aspirational.” I think Lupinacci is asking: when you’re pitching an aspirational strategy, are you really just asking the client and the customer to buy into a line of bull […]

Now THAT’S Bull – stepping up marketing on the PBR

The Professional Bull Riders circuit is busy expanding into the NorthEast and Mexico, looking at potential events in Australia, and keeping its eyes on the big prize: a breakthrough in public consciousness – and subsequent sponsorship and prize money – like that won by NASCAR. “”… But it’s still Middle America, without question. You know […]

Divine pitch: from a servant of God to your PDA

The Guardian tells us of Opus Dei’s preparations for the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, which portrays the Catholic organization in a negative light: “”There’s a huge contrast between the way we’re portrayed and the way we are in reality,” says Brian Finnerty, director of media relations for the United States […]

Nintendo Rock – some pseuds wax rhapsodic

Via LHB, “Nintendo Rock: Nostalgia or Sound of the Future?” in the Harvard Crimson: “… The jump from 8-bit music to rock was facilitated by their similar setups: the sonic toolkit of the NES – two pulse-waves, a triangle-wave, and a white noise channel – is roughly analogous to the set up of the stereotypical […]

Dana’s blogging leave-behind

Dana Vanden Heuvel has produced a beautiful cheatsheet/leave-behind on blogging. Would’ve been perfect for my presentation earlier this week. Download it from his blog.

Building community by committee

The Parkdale Peace Monument: a brass and copper installation meant to revitalize an overlooked fountain, establish a new landmark in the neighbourhood, and act as a community meeting place. Kate Zankowicz has a problem with the $300,000 project, and it’s with the monument’s relationship to the neighbourhood: “… The question is, is the installation just […]

Smash Hits: it’s PR driven homogenity wot done it in

David Hepworth, a former editor of the British pop magazine Smash Hits, comments on its demise: “… There had previously been a singles chart that provided a weekly drama. Records went in at 34 and then agonisingly, enthrallingly climbed their way to the top. … These days hits are records that go in at number […]

Best – or worst – headline of the day

Headline of the day, from a WSJ article on hidden displays and archives at museums: “Show me the Monet”

Hit ’em right back media relations

The Backbencher points out that Britain’s Office of the Deputy Prime Minister now features a “rapid rebuttal” section on its website (up to the right). “Putting the RECORD straight” (their caps, not mine) offers short little retorts to recent news reports. Tidbits like: “This report is utter nonsense. SAVE clearly are only interested in ill-informed […]

Billy Idol and Flash Animation

Is there a connection between Billy Idol, Generation X web designers and the acceptance of crap Flash graphics online? I think so – and it’s Billy Idol’s “Cradle of Love” video. Yeah. You remember the video. 1990? Ford Fairlane soundtrack? Reclusive yet trendy thirtysomething lets young lady into his overly secured apartment, only to find […]

William Shatner and the Vic-20

For your viewing pleasure – William Shatner hawking the Commodore VIC-20.

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