Craigslist and barriers to entry

Craigslist is a genuine, certified, giant. It’s making media conglomerates wet their beds at night. But it is still not the one-size-fits-all solution to publicizing garage sales, scrapbooking meetings and indie concerts that many web literati argue. Jim Buckmaster, Craigslists’ CEO, told the Fool: “I think it is still at $18 billion, the classifieds industry. […]

TransAtlantic Parliamentary Hottie of the Week

Quite surprised no-one in Ottawa picked up on the unlikely competition for parliamentary hottie of the week in the Guardian Backbencher newsletter a couple of weeks ago: … As ever, the Backbencher’s appeal for male totty has been roundly ignored, with terrifying junior minister Caroline Flint and Ottawa MP Rona Ambrose engaged in an unlikely […]

RSS, aggregators and coporate comms

Everybody working in corporate communications raise your hands. Everybody who has an RSS aggregator step forward. Now, who actually asked the corporate IT guys about authorized software and loads before installing it? Most corporate IT shops (in traditional industries and smaller companies) haven’t quite cottoned on to RSS. It’s probably taken goading by early adopters […]

Pitching the principled influencer

Nic Harcourt is the host of Morning becomes Eclectic on KCRW, an LA listener-supported radio station. The show has long been a platform for emerging and aspiring musicians, but elements of Harcourt’s playlists have increasingly found a home in more mainstream music. This, the NYT Magazine notes, makes him an influential (and much pursued) element […]

This blogspot has one more Canadian

Hey Canadians! Rick Mercer’s blogging now! Here’s a nibble: “stupid and talking, my favorite combination in a politician.” Rick is the host of a successful comedy show called “Monday Report” on the CBC. Or, at least he used to be, until the CBC decided that his show would be better shown on Tuesday. There goes […]

Takin’ it to the streets!

I can understand the idea that publishing the home addresses of prostitutes caught working the streets of Chicago might cause them shame and prompt a change in activities. But publishing their arrest address, most likely where they regularly ply their trade? Taken together with the pictures posted online by the Chicago Police, this might be […]

Editors, Sloan Rangers and iPods

Sarah Sands is the new editor of the Sunday Telegraph, and she spoke to Roy Greenslade about her new job: “My rather trite observation is that I’d like the paper to be like your iPod, containing all your favourite things. If we can have a sense of gaiety, that will be a quality that sets […]

Experiential marketers have a brand image problem

They have a difficult job. Responding to newspaper ads or flyers on telephone poles, these poorly-paid workers show up at non-descript offices in suburban office parks, or even meet for work at a designated street corner. Their ostensible “bosses” have no real empathy for them, nor do they have any job security. Their job? To […]

Swag, Sheep and podcasts

I’m told there’s a new t-shirt waiting for me at home, courtesy of the guys at the American Copywriter podcast. Thanks Tug and John!

A sign things are going bad for the Greens

The White House has been none too subtle in its 1970s attitude towards the dangers of climate change. So it comes as little surprise that one of the lead Administration officials on the file has “gone to the dark side.” “… White House Council on Environmental Quality chief of staff Phillip Cooney, left the administration […]

comments are back, folks

… but so is the comment spam. Let me know if you find any really good bargains, okay?

PR Compensation and Job Satisfaction Survey

YoungPRPros, a YahooGroups email community aimed at PR folks under 40, has launched its first ever Compensation and Job Satisfaction Survey, focusing on North American practitioners and customized by work environment. Take part now for access to a great resource when it comes time for your next career move or salary review. Respondents will receive […]

B2C communications, with design by the insane

The Onion’s got a funny – and somewhat accurate – critique of the poor design found in your very own mailbox: “”This isn’t a gas bill—it’s a cry for help. Authored by someone with a disease.”

You know what you can do with your Flash splash page?

Hugh sums up my feelings towards Flash fairly well.

Hipster PDA templates for flacks

I’ve pulled together a few 3″ by 5″ templates for any public relations staff planning to try out a Hipster PDA – or even just starting to use index cards: – spokesperson evaluation template – media call template I’ve also whipped up a Hipster Bingo template, for those long and boring meetings.

I just know this presentation’s going to suck

They’re preparing for an internal event downstairs. It might just be me, but I don’t place much faith in a speaker who relies upon a podium like this one. Black, grey, built-in speakers, recycled ABS, adjustable height. It may be environmentally friendly and easy to store, but doesn’t it really look like a couple of […]

$350 for working the course beer cart?

I had NO IDEA you could make up to $350 a day working the beer cart on a golf course. As Nicole Kallis told Golf Digest this month, “… a sense of humor really helps my tips. Golfers eat up any kind of flirtation. I was told once: “The cart girl is every man’s fiancee […]

Nardwuar finally gets some mad love

Nardwuar the Human Serviette finally gets the recognition he deserves – and I don’t mean the knowing and slyly ironic winks shared by teenaged MuchMusic VJs as they introduce yet another vignette/interview/intervention by the Vancouver-based music hound on the nation’s music station. Too bad it was left to the CBC to tip its hat – […]

How to pull Mr. Softee out of the cooler

What’s better than pictures of ice cream trucks? How about MP3s of Ice Cream Truck Music! I know some people don’t like the music – but it’s an essential part of summer! To paraphrase Eddie Murphy: “Mr. Ice Cream Man! Mr. Ice Cream Man! … I got some ice cream, and you dooon’t …” Roc-A-Fella […]

How NOT to staff an info booth

An information booth is not an inspiring 100 square feet at the best of times. The worst of times? Take an organization from inside your company, hand them a bunch of promo literature, and point them to the building’s atrium. Here’s some pointers for the people working that gig in our atrium today. Don’t: – […]

Even a potential grunt has influencers

So. you’re asking yourself: where can I find a step by step guide to building influence in a school setting? How about the US Army recruitment guide? It’s full of practical student activities (tactics), promotional opportunities for Army reps (brand building), and a detailed explanation of how to track school performance, recruiter visits and identify […]

Hi Renee!

A colleague is giving a presentation today, and she was kind enough to forewarn me that Canuckflack would be featured. So this is a shout-out to all the Ops people in the hizz-ouse! And here’s IBM’s corporate blogging policy, so that this training session isn’t wasted. And here’s Sun’s policy.

The project manager won’t take my calls

Andy Budd has a great list of 10 signs you’re about to take on a bad project. Thanks to xblog for the link.

Hey DJ! Make the SVP do the funky chicken!

It’s summer – even here in the frozen north – and every event planner’s fancy is now turning to outdoor parties. Big white tents. Catered BBQ. Cold ones. Discretely disguised boxed zinfandel for the senior staff, two buck chuck in plastic cups for the AAEs. And a sound system. Most likely manned by one of […]

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