Not your average pocket protector

Great post on being a “nerd” at Marginal Revolution. In addition to pointing out that Dr. Seuss may have coined the term “nerd,” Bryan Caplan lays claim to complete domination of nerd-dom: I’m such a nerd that I worry that my sons will fail to embrace their nerd heritage. The best game show in history, […]

25 ways mobile text messages can help build brand loyalty

In its August issue, Promo magazine has run several articles on texting (SMS for you cognoscenti) and possible applications for marketers and loyalty programs. Rob Lawson, a VP at Enpocket, tagged a list of promising SMS applications to the end of his article: To thank you for registering and give you a reference number To […]

Public and Participatory Journalism – in Toronto

I’m attending the Public Journalism Network’s Exploring Fusion Power of Public and Participatory Journalism conference in Toronto on Tuesday.

Investor Relations: sometimes we just have to tell the truth

Thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley, some publicly listed companies are now being brutally honest about the external factors affecting their financials. Reuters’ Ritu Kalra pointed to a number of reports citing unusual reasons for poor forecasts, including this highlight in Applebee’s latest quarterly report: As previously disclosed, the company recorded a pre-tax charge of $2.3 million for […]

Trailer Park Boys – the Flash Game

This little gem of a time-waster was dropped as a comment on Canuckflack last night. It reminds me of old Colecovision games – especially because you have to use the directional keys.

Foreign Tongues and the Dem Convention

You may ask yourself how foreign reporters score interviews at huge political gatherings like the goings-on at the Fleet Centre. Do they come with lists of experts and talking heads fluent in their language? Do they run a Profnet request? Maybe they hang out in Harvard Square looking for French Lit profs? Paul Wells notes […]

8 by 10 feet of hell – your cubicle

The National Research Council continues to work on a project they call the Cost-effective Open-Plan Environment.Why? An effective open-plan office must provide environmental satisfaction for its occupants as well as meeting an organization’s budgetary requirements. As the Globe and Mail tells us today, the NRC’s four years of study have developed two software programs that: […]

An editor’s pipe dream: businesses using correct grammar

Antonia Morton, writing in the National Post, bemoans the poor grammar, mis-spelt words, improper sentence construction and missplaced apostrophes that seem to confront her in every example of commercial communication: wall poster, neon sign, menu, newspaper insert, or assembly instructions. … What can be done? Some us [professional editors] fantasize wistfully that public opinion could […]

Ali G: When your publicist doesn’t do their job

Ali G’s getting quite a bit of press as the second season of his show begins airing in North America. USA Today discusses the experiences of several “guests” of Ali’s – Sam Donaldson among them – who were surpised by his inane questions and outrageous dress. But what he got, he says, was a “crazy” […]

Poor customer service in Aisle 8

Ever have one of those customer service experiences that leave you cursing uncaring staff and wishing the wrath of complete industrial automation on their store? We visited the local Loblaws superstore last night. Over 100,000 square feet and twenty check-out lanes. Normally, we use the automated checkout lanes (with their handy U-Scan Express machines), but […]

Tour de France: I’m just not a target market

Every July, I tune into the Tour de France. It’s a formidable enterprise, with hundreds of bicyclists straining up impossible hills and racing across hundreds of kilometres. Chasing behind them are hundreds more team managers, equipment cars, motorcycle cameras, helicopters and mobile TV studios. I dabble in mountain biking. I know the bike manufacturers, the […]

Gene Simmons: “You deserve a good bitch-slapping for that”

Warren Kinsella, Liberal party backroom boy, lawyer and sometime author, had a chance to interview Gene Simmons recently. There are some quick comments about greasepaint, Michael Jackson and John Kerry. Worth a read. WK: If you were marooned on an island, what ten records would you bring with you? GS: Something by Chilliwack. (laughs) These […]

Basic Principles for Crisis Communications

This is my entry for the Global PR Blog Week, running through tomorrow. Whether the phones are ringing, camera trucks are showing up at a worksite, union leadership is speaking at a public hearing, or a regulator is issuing safety warnings about your product, it’s pretty clear you’ve got a crisis. Instead of days or […]

How to cripple a social network

Social networks, whether personal or electronic, are based on shared experiences, common interests, transparency and trust. Friendster’s decision to sell Dreamworks an advertising package for Will Ferrell’s Anchorman – including fictitious Friendster profiles for the film’s characters – will likely undermine efforts to encourage participation in online social networks by anyone beyond dedicated online users. […]

A-B-C: Always Be Closing!

The British Office of Fair Trading has taken aim at pushy doorstep salesmen with a new information campaign – your doorstep, your decision. A useful initiative, but also a perfect opportunity to recall some favourite movie quotes: Chris Farley on being a bad salesman, and on guarantees. The OFT’s six psychological selling techniques of doorstep […]

Holy Super Secret Database, Batman!

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s attorney general said on Monday he had had a microchip inserted under the skin of one of his arms to give him access to a new crime database and also enable him to be traced if he is ever abducted. Attorney General Rafael Macedo said a number of his staff […]

Trailer Park Boys: pushing more than just dope

You may already be familiar with one of the actors on Trailer Park Boys, if not the show itself. Jonathan Torrens is appearing as “Gerald” the gay waiter on the latest edition of the Joe Schmo franchise. The Trailer Park Boys takes a visceral yet outrageously funny look at life inside the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. […]

Measuring up to the Great Leader

The Great Leader, Mao Tse-Tung, sure knew how to turn a phrase. I don’t hold my hopes up for the new cadre of spokespeople being let loose by the PRC State Council Information Office. The party apparatus has apparently decided that government departments and agencies need to develop a minimal level of response in the […]

Lesson for spokes: picking the right analogy

The University of New Brunswick has told a student in their summer English immersion program that he must issue commands to his guide dog in English – despite the dog being as Francophone as his master. This is an interesting dispute in its own right, but I’m more interested in the tortuous logic used by […]

Mentors and young professionals: undermined by corporate realities?

Young professionals apparently do not rely upon mentoring relationships to guide their nascent careers – according to a Harvard study. Researchers working on Making Good: How Young People Cope with Moral Dilemmas at Work took a look at a number of issues, but their observations about mentoring are startling: … For the most part, however, […]

How to make Christ your Spokesperson

Christian ministries used to depend upon tried-and-true direct marketing techniques to win your spiritual allegiance, your continued viewership, and your money. With every call, you might recieve a free book, christmas ornaments, or discounts at religious theme parks. We’ve all moved way beyond 700 Club bumper stickers and Jesus Fish. Creation East, held late last […]

Touchdown at the OK Corral: A case study

As he turned to pick the football from the air, Doug Stevenson reflected on the day’s events. He had brought his sales managers to this Wyoming dude ranch to help them refocus after an exceptionally bad quarter. The 10,000 acre spread had begun life as a hobby ranch for an East Coast management consultant. His […]

S+B: Gen X, blogs and “digital natives”

Generation X just can’t get cut any slack. We’ve morphed into nice upstanding members of society – ambitious, adaptive, aggressive – but we just don’t compare well with the Nintendo Generation now beginning to leave college. This time around, an author and videogaming exec writing in strategy + business magazine has decided that everyone under […]

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