Why not throw caution to the wind – one day at a time?


If you’re relatively lazy, unimaginative, or are looking for an “unusual” present for a friend, this website will apparently change your life.

There are some imaginative features, like “is your name on the net?” and “change your life NOW!”

The site’s an online companion to This Diary Will Change Your Life, which came out late in 2003. Written by two erstwhile copywriters, the diary has turned into a treasure trove for Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag, who already have contracts to write a 2005 diary and The Kamasutra for One. The two

… had worked together in advertising for three years and described themselves [in the Liverpool Post] as being like “some sort of married couple”, were disillusioned with what they were doing and felt it was time to create some anarchy.

Carey says: “Most of our ideas were too risky for our advertising clients to take in. For instance, we created a campaign for Hula Hoops Shoks featuring electric eels coming out of toilets. We received 177 complaints in a week and an immediate ITC ban from children’s TV as kids refused to go to the loo. We soon realised our thinking was not mainstream enough for advertising.”

… “Some Americans get it and some don’t,” says Carey.”They are refreshingly un-ironic about these things. They don’t get all of the irony. But they are also very big on self-improvement. Anything they see to change their lives and better themselves is a potential hit.”

There are other benefits to this book: it lets reviewers use words like zeitgeist and make reference to the Situationist International.

If you do happen to be a lackadaisical and unimaginative sponge of a human being, you might just want to rent Something Wild, where Melanie Griffith leads Jeff Daniels into a much more North American expression of individuality – a raucous road trip.

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