Graffiti tags … and Greenpeace?

We’ve all grown up seeing the work of graffiti artists: the grand sweeping artworks decorating otherwise blank and bland urban warehouse facades, the quiet murals and memorials on alley walls, and the pathetic little Sharpie tags on every mailbox, cigarette machine and token dispenser. But an idea in today’s WSJ startled me with its originality. […]

Ancient Chinese Secret … TBS likes action movies

Some interesting demographics on fortune cookie fanciers, and their possibilities as a marketing channel: … about 96 percent of people who eat Chinese food open their cookies and read the fortunes, and that 67 percent read them aloud so that everyone dining with them will hear. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tells us, TBS added its […]

What it takes to win in politics is … style

Startling results in the race to claim the Democratic nomination – over the past two weeks the guys with the good hair grabbed the attention of caucus participants across the cold wintry state of Iowa. Kerry and Edwards claimed the first and second spots last night, and today blue dress shirts are flying off the […]

Gephardt’s Secret Weapon? Michael Bolton

The Gephardt campaign is using middle-aged crooner Michael Bolton in a get-out-the-vote campaign: William J. Thompson, who is from Davenport, came to Gephardt’s event … after getting an automated phone call from singer Michael Bolton… “He said, ‘Hope to see you there,’ ” said Thompson, 50, a fan of Bolton but not yet of any […]

Doesn’t Anybody Have Questions for My Answers?

… asked Henry Kissinger at a White House news conference sometime in the 70s. The Columbia Journalism Review does some gentle handwringing this month over the professional preparation of spokespersons – and how this is leading to increasingly boring interviews.

Hitting the Product Placement Lotto

Marquis, a Boston company that specializes in reselling travel on private corporate jets, nailed a premier product placement last night. Its’ jets were the centrepiece in the latest episode of The Apprentice, an NBC reality show that pits overachievers against each other in the quest for a job wrking for Donald Trump. Marquis has been […]

Is Smaller Really Better?

Pop! Pr invented the “Arnold Effect” the other day, characterizing how the Schwarzenegger team concentrated their campaign efforts at influencing local and regional papers. According to Jeremy, small and medium-sized PR shops will profit in 2004 as clients find that, sometimes, large PR outfits lose sight of the trees for the forest. Small to medium […]

“Jaws”: A Risk Communications Primer?

Tom Murphy has pointed to an interesting article on the PR challenges faced by US beef producers, now that a case of BSE has been discovered. In June 2003, The Toronto Star’s entertainment critic drew an amusing, but insightful, comparison between the recent outbreaks of BSE, West Nile and SARS and Steven Spielberg’s thriller Jaws: […]

Which candidate will hang their hat on Styx’ “Mr. Roboto”?

MarketingWonk pointed to a new web site for Dean supporters today: Songs For Dean. Political campaigns have long used music to motivate and energize their workers and supporters. As the result of endless repetition at campaign events, advertising and news coverage, some adopted campaign songs are more recognized for their political connotations than their original […]

Starbucks for Dummies

Starbucks, in their unstinting quest to become the world-wide coffee shop of choice, has unleashed a new marketing tool: “Make It Your Drink,” a handy pocket-sized guide to ordering coffee at the chain. Sections include “Learning the Lingo,” “What’s Your Drink,” “Fun with Frappucino,” and “How to Order.” New terms being introduced include “unleaded” for […]

I am Canadian! How I spent the last ten minutes

First I went to Bloglines, to look over my blogroll. Then I jumped to Dana’s Blog, who pointed me to a new marketing blog called What’s Your Brand Mantra? Browsing through her blog, I noted this entry about a map titled “The World According to the United States,” which can be found on David St. […]

Diet Marketing: I’ll Have A Chalupa and an Atkins Fries

As they might say in the grocery business, 7 – Eleven owns the “high-margin, high inventory turnover retail institution” corner of the market. Which means it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the world’s largest convenience store chain is jumping on the Atkins trendwagon. Concerned about your weight – but not quite concerned enough […]

Remembering Late Twentieth Century Satire

Two recent reviews of long-treasured magazines prompted this little mini-reminiscence. I know I’m overlooking a lot. Once upon a time, the world was a gentler and kindler place. You had search hard and long for irony, satire and sarcasm in popular culture in North America. Sure, Lenny Bruce, Newhart, Cavett, Carlin and the Smothers Brothers […]

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