Kinko’s – will a buyout mean global domination?

Long tagged as a member of the Generation “X’ (voracious appetite for new ideas, short attention span, wanderlust, reluctance to wear a suit), I remember the wrenching evolution of the workplace in the late 80s and early 90s. Where my parents’ generation stuck with one profession or even one company for life, my friends and […]

Media Scrums, Balls and Strategy

In the latest Newsweek, Jon Stewart makes a very canny observation about the instincts that appear to govern the behaviour and interests of media scrums: “I’m actually far more interested in the media’s responsibility than the politicians’,” says Stewart. “To me, the most interesting shot in the documentary ‘Journeys With George’ is from behind the […]

Santa’s got a pop-up … display for the trade show

The Advisory Committee’s finalized the marketing plan. You’ve finished the design and production on the new graphic identity and are ready to jump into the rejeuvenation of the Santa Claus, Inc. brand. Your first stop? An international trade show, of course. But is your marketing team ready? Have you picked the right people to staff […]

Piped-In Christmas Music

Has the adult-contemporary or easy listening radio station in your market gone to an all-Christmas format? Do you now find yourself inexplicably drawn to the Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Jose Feliciano and Nat King Cole compliation albums while shopping for windshield washer fluid at Wal-Mart? Do you find yourself asking co-workers if “they’ve heard that […]

Crisis Communications for Santa and Elves

Memo: To all Regional Distribution Managers Issue: Communicating during Uncomfortable Situations —————————————————— The Santa Claus, Inc. corporate PR Department has worked on a number of possible scenarios that could be encountered by employees during the valuable Christmas rush. While Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the Chief Elf remain the principal corporate spokespersons, every employee must […]

FAQ: So you want to hire Santa

So. Your internal communications plan notes that Santa is to host your Christmas event this year, but you have some questions about the the cost, the reequirements and possible complications. Check out our down-to-earth FAQ for the answers to many of the questions you might have. Q: How much does Santa cost per hour? A: […]

Media Training for Santa

Memo: To Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Chief Elf Issue: Preparing for interviews with the media ——————————————————– As the holiday season approaches, I would like to remind you of some basic tips and techniques for dealing with members of the media. I’m sure most of this is old hat, but my colleagues in the seasonal […]

Are you a Department Store Santa?

Memo: To all Regional Managers Issue: Recent Incidents involving Seasonal Character Hires —————————————————– As you may be aware, some stores in the chain have recently suffered embarassing public relations incidents because of poor hiring decisions – particularly in the selection of Santa and associated Elf characters. In the Texas region, a part-time Santa recently decided […]

PR for Santa: The Basics

Let’s face it – it’s not easy being the embodiment of all that is good and merry about the world. You spend all year in the freezing cold, surrounded by elves, pushed by SuperToy conglomerates to come up with faster and better toys, and then you get grief because you can’t find My Little Pony […]

Some thoughts from an Average Elf

If you’ve ever wondered what the life of a rent-an-elf is like, you have to visit “Now is the winter of our Discontented Elf”, a great journal of one person’s life as a seasonal character hire. A sample entry: The Suits came to check on Santa today. Santa: (watching Suit approach) He’s going to ask […]

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